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Oct 4, 2006
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Have anyone ever hit the three in a row for 5000 coins on this slot? I was just wondering if anyone had the odds on this machine. Does it pay out at the same rate as the other slots in the casino you are playing?

It has a certain appeal to me and I wish they would remove it from their lineup! I lose so much money on the darn thing. :eek2:
Me too!

I have had the 5000 too, could not get a spin on the damn wheel, but I didn't care after that!

The same weekend I hit the 3000 on Diamond Deal.

The wheel of wealth is too often 20 or 50 for my liking, I find Bullseye gives more of the higher prizes, although the stake is higher.

The main problem with these is the almost total lack of decent smaller reel wins to keep you going, you get a decent spin or two on the wheel or bust out pretty quickly.

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