Special Offer: Combo Ticket to Two Affiliate Marketing Conferences

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Apr 1, 2019
A special offer for those interested in earnings on the gambling business and popular white niches.
Buy a single combo ticket and attend two events –
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in Tbilisi and
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in Minsk.
Activities in Minsk
Conference topics: arbitrage in such sectors as commodities, finance, pharmaceutics, dating, and mobile apps. Speakers will provide case studies as well as reveal how to create advertising offers and monetize traffic.
The event is aimed at webmasters, affiliates, arbitrage specialists, representatives of СРА networks and affiliate programs, and everyone engaged in online marketing.
Activities in Tbilisi
Experts will talk about taxes and regulation of the Georgian gambling industry, advantages of the local gambling market, relevant tools for customer acquisition in land-based and online casinos.
The conference will be useful to those earning on the gambling business or desiring to set up their own profitable business.
Both events separately without an afterparty will cost approximately €200. The price of the combo ticket is €150. The first 10 tickets are available at the lowest cost – only €100.
The combo ticket includes:
  • access to the Business category at both conferences;
  • access to the exhibition area;
  • presentations by speakers involved in both events;
  • a discount on hotel accommodation;
  • access to the party in Tbilisi.
The offer is valid until October 17.
Use the unique opportunity and hurry up to buy the ticket at the best price.
The program and details of
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