Spammails from Clubdice!


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Feb 13, 2007
not loserland *lol*

I get now every day a miniumum of 2 Spammails from Clubdice with a 200% Bonus, because i have not playd there for some months!

There is even a link for unsubscribe, but certainly it doesn't work, because with this link you're comming only to the Clubdice Startside!

I have also written back to the email, from which one i get this mails, but i didn't get any reply, but i receive the emails always every day a minimum of 2 times!

So what's the matter with this Casino?

I thpught this one is a reputable one, but when a Casino would send out spammails every day, they came only on my personally Blacklist, so their spamming have not really a sin for their!

Did anyone else get this mails and what is happend with this casino? Did they change the manager, or anything else?

They were trustable, because as i playd there and won a little money, they withdraw it after 5 days, as the most playtech casinos, and after that, i did not get any spammails from their, but now it's really a little bit sinewy!

The name from the Casino Maneger is "Stefan Friedrichs", maybe someone know this guy and his methods?

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