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Jul 5, 2003
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An ad for comes up all over google's paid ads, many many different keywords:

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It pretends to be a place to play free games.

If you enter your email, you get spammed into oblivion with this:

**Claim your 200% bonus at Capital Casino**

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I have found this too. Searching for a casino by name, I tried some of the Google ads, one promised a free book, and the other promised free cash as a special for UK visitors only. The first was a reguritation of standard bonus whoring and advantage play techniques, with a few tables and maths lessons thrown in. Mostly though, it was a vehicle to steer the reader towards the affiliate casinos by way of recommending them as a place to try out the techniques in the book.

The free money seems to be a more straight forward spam harvest. I used a special e-mail address, the one that is on the "contact me" link on my website, so it will be no trouble to ditch and replace it after experimentation.

Odd that Google lets this through.

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