Spam spam spam


You type well loads
Prompt Service

;)We offer prompt delivery too....

Of a banned account that is:D

That's not a PROPER UK phone number either, it's an untraceable PERSONAL number, which proves that not only are you a forum spammer, but a SCAMMER too.

Trading standards might be interested in that address mind you;)
So might your local council planning department if this is not a designated area for business use, such as a residential address;)

Boy, aren't you in the SH1T:p

GGW Laurie

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Er...Laurie, just to clarify, that was an edit I made...not what the spammer said :D Guess that makes me the freaky weirdo :axeman2:
...ooops:oops:...sorry, so simmo, are you a freaky muppet:D. j/k


Dormant account
aww i think your a cutie simmo ill give you a hug any day
oh and forgot to mention this seems you always get missed when we thk all those that do a great job with the boards
thks and keep up the great work