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Nov 24, 2006
I have started receiving SPAM both on the e-mail used on my site but also on my private e-mail. The spammer knows my name and in which city I live. I do not like this at all. They come often and usually from a female name like Melissa Joseph and are sent from a g-mail ([email protected]).
It is pool and poker they advertise so far.
It is just a little disturbing that they know full name and city.
I have not clicked any links out of fear from what it might be.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Example of an e-mail:
Dear xxxx (my name)

Welcome to the World's Largest Pool Hall

Enjoy the wonder and excitement of this alltime game favourite:
+ Life-like Pool table
+ Life-like physics (like a real pool table)
+ we have currently 1500 players from xxxxx (my city) playing
+ and best of all... incredible payouts!

test your pool skills -
be the pool shark and start earning now!
Play Pool now:
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XXX - our unique Pool hall offers features the following
+ instant Bonus for new players
+ World's Largest Pool Hall
+ Total Privacy & Security
+ Leading Technology
+ Super Quick Payouts

Start having fun NOW!


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May 12, 2007
I have been getting spam from gmail as well.
It doesn't give much info and never names the casino but provides a link.
Anything I get like that immediately goes into the trash and emptied.

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