spam from me


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Jul 5, 2003
The Boonies
Mr. Puttemans has commenced sending out spam and spoofing my address as sender.

This is designed to bog down my server by floodding me with bounces.

There is nothing I can do about it - you may be getting casino spam as well as Viagra etc., seemingly from me.

Sorry about that.
What a baby this guy is. Sheesh!
jyde said:
I ordered 200. Are you saying I won't get them? :mad: :mad:
You'll likely get them unless that is a scam too. :)

He would be sending all this stuff out anyway, just now it seemingly comes from me and has Dean as return address.

He now has me sending mail to affiliate managers asking them to remove Dean and Ellen from their programs.

I wonder what sort of mail I will send out next.

Wow, Bryan, nice board. I love the changes!

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