SpaceInquest... A great game!


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Jun 7, 2006
Hey people,

So I have been playing a lot lately those so called MMOG, or if you prefer massively multiplayer online games.
The concept is pretty neat, those are games where you play basically for free but make real cash. Here however the catch, you are eligible for the cash prize only if you pay a minimum... Isn't that lovely?

Anyway, I've tried a lot, like combatgrounds, mafiaboss until I found recently (2 days ago actually) a very nice one. Its called "I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing on a gambling message board telling you this" (

You'd tell me so what is it so fantastic about this game that we've never seen before? Well, I guess I'm in love with this game because it combine strategy like risk, thinking like chess and most important its good looking!!
Its made in flash but certainly not slow, its very visual. I like the way you need to think. Not only short term but long term. You need to define where you want to conquer your first territory. And trust me, when its comes to choosing, you have a lot of pro and cons. Also you have so features that make the game interesting like a shield for protection yourself. But the good thing is that you don't keep it forever, so the game is never static.

The only thing I can think of as general con for the game is that its a bit hard to play, but you get the concept after 2 hours of so by reading the rules. I've been playing a lot lately and I DO love it.

The other thing is that they reward you for paying (best supporter) as well as paying you for winning...

So check it out if you have some time, its gambling, but with a little less luck, thrilling experience if you ask me.

See you there maybe (player name is suips!)
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spearmaster said:

Damn Spear.....where's the controls? LOL......

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