Your Input Please Source of Wealth poll

How does Source of Wealth requirements affect you?

  • I don't like the intrusiveness and play at casinos that do not require SOW

    Votes: 64 20.8%
  • I don't like the intrusiveness but still play the same at casinos that require SOW.

    Votes: 40 13.0%
  • I don't like the intrusiveness but still play at casinos that require SOW - but play less.

    Votes: 27 8.8%
  • I don't mind. I play the same.

    Votes: 29 9.4%
  • I don't mind, but I play less becasue of this.

    Votes: 5 1.6%
  • I don't mind, and I play more becasue of this.

    Votes: 2 0.6%
  • I've never been asked and I am in the EU/UK

    Votes: 89 28.9%
  • I've never been asked and I am outside the EU/UK

    Votes: 52 16.9%

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get a general consensus about how this SOW is affecting you as a player. Are you playing less because of it? Are you playing more? :p Are you finding yourself skipping the regulated market and taking a chance with cup o' cocoa? Please let me know here - thanks!


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I've never been asked so I don't know what to fill in there. I don't think I will like it though but if it will affect me I won't know until it happen.
Maybe the poll should be for just the UK because they are the ones suffering from it.


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I had this a couple of times in the past and I only fulfilled it because I was waiting cash-outs. If I knew this was going to be required I'd probably look for other options first or if I was already playing and had no cash-out pending, I'd probably move on to somewhere else. Obviously if it gets to a point where there is no option, then I would think very very carefully about where I played.


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I fully appreciate the SoW introduction and the need for it to be present in today's licenced casinos.


The management teams behind it at the various casinos MUST get a better understanding of what is required and when.

Brief example.

Player A has been depositing £25, 4-5 times per week for the last 10 years and this pattern has never changed - Should IMO NEVER be asked for SoW

Player B - Similar pattern but then these deposits raise to £100 at the same frequency, Certainly a case for a SoW request.

Appreciated, extremely vague and limited examples but this 'blanket' approach is something I'm 99.99% sure that the UKGC do not require.


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Was asked at casumo - closed my account (I've provided my income , but it was not enough for them).

Basically it is makes industry worse, it is not a question. But in most cases it is requirements from authority, which some of brands (it seems) cant really understand, and just start ask everyone.


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I have only been asked for it once. This was after a withdrawal request and being self employed my contract stipulates that the content WILL NOT be shared with a third party and as neither the casino or me were willing to compromise, I blew my withdrawal and closed my account - why oh why ask at the withdrawal stage and then ambush that same withdrawal to obtain income evidence, surely this should be done PRIOR to any deposit.


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To be honest it doesn't change a thing if your going to gamble your going to gamble. Only people who need to worry are the fruadsters and peeps hiding money from partners. Might actually be a good idea for problem gamblers.


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Sorry can't give feedback either as not been asked for it yet.

Most of my deposits are WH and Coral and been customer there god knows how long must be 15 years plus and since no change in betting style be surprised if i get a request from them.

As for abroad based casinos amount i deposit compared to withdrawals should never trigger one. If it does then i will just stop using them.


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To be honest it doesn't change a thing if your going to gamble your going to gamble. Only people who need to worry are the fruadsters and peeps hiding money from partners. Might actually be a good idea for problem gamblers.
Rubbish, before you accuse anyone of wrongdoing get your facts straight.

I picked the first option, as I play at less casinos now, have closed accounts at places known for OTT SOW requests, and will close my account anywhere the minute I get a SOW request, unless I can see why it would be justified. Luckily the only one who has asked so far was Energy Casino.


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Not been asked, mercifully, but then they're the ones who'd get the shock when they do :D

Saying that, I'm happy to bin that casino altogether, to the cries not to dissimilar of "wet plucked you flossers"