Poll Source of Wealth poll: How do the SOW requirements affect you? 2022

UK and EU only: How do the Source of Wealth (SOW) requirements affect you? 2022

  • I don't like the intrusiveness and play at casinos that are NOT licensed by the UKGC or MGA

    Votes: 28 16.7%
  • I don't like the intrusiveness but still play the same at casinos that require SOW.

    Votes: 18 10.7%
  • I don't like the intrusiveness but still play at casinos that require SOW - but play less.

    Votes: 14 8.3%
  • If I am asked for SOW, I don't comply and move on to another casino.

    Votes: 67 39.9%
  • I don't mind. I play the same.

    Votes: 13 7.7%
  • I don't mind, and I play more now.

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • I've never been asked and I play at UKGC and/or MGA casinos

    Votes: 27 16.1%

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Just had my first SOW request - kind of - from (of course) Casumo.
Was trying to reopen my account after years away, and all was going well until the nice lady on chat said all that's left to do now is upload the following documents:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of address
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Proof of regular income matching statements

ME: You want copies of my bank statements??
Nice lady: You can simply download them in PDF form and send them to this link.
ME: I am not sending my bank statements to a private company, you can keep my account closed. But thank you for your assistance ?

I swear I'm going to move to mainland Europe so I can do the things I want to do without all this hassle.
Which country is best for casino gaming? ?
even in Europe you get ask for Sow only if you are streamer they dont ask much, most of the streamers they moved from UK to Ireland now they playing on Crypto casino like BC Game let you play without VPN and you can play on £
I thought we all had a legal right to a private life (something like that anyway) and imo this violates that. I don't want limits the same every month-people spend different amounts every month, or want to spend more on a site one month due to a certain promo or whatever. I can go one month and barely gamble at all and then if I have the funds (and only then) can I spend significantly more. I can set my own limits and change that whenever I want. I don't need a blanket £250 net deposit limit a month imposed.

Totally agree, Im a dynamic player too, if I have more than usual spare I might have a bigger punt if i have less I will play less or not at all its really that simple when your in control of your spend and not being treated like a toddler.

Being a poker player I primarily play with poker winnings which as people will know can fluctuate quite a bit on any given day. Its hard work, I do ok, but as most of it is private cash games or poker rooms the bulk of my winnings is cash, which i either deposit to my bank, keep as bankroll or just use for general spend but i dont get a Payslip nor need to declare it to HMRC. Having to be so disciplined at poker its nice to have some fun playing slots and roulette.

With the way its got the last few months or so I really cant see how a lot of casinos are going to survive when most players are being hit with all this stuff, its boarding on prohibition and we all know how that ends.....

People are either in the mindset that they are just going to accept that they can only play the little they are now allowed or just give up. Then you have those that can afford to lose more but just aren't prepared to give such personal info to an online casino. Then you have some that don't have enough income proof to submit so they will be out too or severely restricted.

So technically casinos could in theory lose well over 50% of their usual current customers and the ones they do keep will be very greatly restricted to a fraction of what they can spend now.

Part of me feels like the casinos knew this was coming and was what was driving them to lower RTPs promos and costs to just make hay while they can before they know it just wont be viable to stay in business anymore, for the UK at least but some other countries as well.

I get it a little, AML and stuff but come on double standards......

Spent 600 on Casino in one night recently SOW triggered

Spent over 1100 at apple recently NO SOW ? or is that going to be next?

I have no debt, no loans, mortgage free, rent free, good credit rating, money in the bank, money under the mattress, ( joke! or is it? ) food in my cupboard, let me do what i want with my money.

Rant over.......
Spent over 1100 at apple recently NO SOW ? or is that going to be next?

This is my thoughts exactly. Why is it that only casinos are being restricted in this way? Because gambling is addictive?
Well so are mobile phones, video gaming, cigarettes, alcohol, social media etc etc.

Why are none of these addictions being tackled, restricted, and regulated like the casinos are?
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