sounds fishy to me


If memory serves me correctly this has something to do with the rake back concept. I personaly do not support it from a poker player point of view as it motivates players to play more and adds a required discipline when managing your finances as a player. I do not intend to debate this though so it is purely my personal opinion. Obtaining the best poker players however is a very important characteristic for the rake back concept as that is the only way for the concept to really be profitable so it does make sense that they would be looking at sponsorship deals . Pokerpayday therefore can be for real but once again I have my reservations on whether or not it is actually a workable concept. If you are really good it is probably worth looking at, however I personally wouldn't go for it.

Forgot to add. If they ask money from you, any money... DO NOT FALL FOR IT!
OK i am curious

What are you all on about?
Anyone want to elaborate/PM me a link or something

Sounds very vague but IMO it is a rakeback type program where the affiliate uses the money towards paying for major tournaments. They mention no poker rooms either. Email them and get the full story. According to Alexa it has been online since 2003. I have not heard of them though.

If you want rakeback get rakeback and use the cash for whatever you want instead of being sponsored and having to adhere to someone else's rules. This just sounds like a big hassle and you could find better incentives through another affiliate, especially if they are so vague.
If you guys are so interested in rakeback, why not just play at World Poker Exchange? It stands as the only non-rake pokerroom currently on the net.

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