sort of a rant


Oct 26, 2008
so ive been noticing a abundance of exact ties split pots that ive not seen
the likes of

ive played in ring games lately just to see every one of the players stacks shrink at the same rate till we all move to another table

the lowers stack [and it could be me] gets the hail Mary hand win

have you noticed what i think is a policy to keep all games going ,rather than
have a big winner at a table

or are we all just playing at the same skill level . ? but what about all these
tie hands [split pots ] yes ive seen them in the past > but no were as frequent as of late

suspicious of rake control R C
Im playing nlhe and five card draw and sit and go's of the same [ ever notice in ring games that you pick your table from a list that . has one seat open of the majority of many odd i think

and im not looseing actualy im even $$


Beach Bum
Jan 9, 2008
Just Across the Hudson River
Split pots and bad beats seem to be the norm these days in micro and low MTT. The other night I was on tilt after having AA, KK and AK all cracked within 10 or 15 minutes. So.....follow the donkey.....I went allin with 5-2 unsuited and tripled up against AA and QQ. Of course I had to turn off chat after that :p