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Apr 9, 2018
Sorry about this in advance, for being in the wrong section or asking something repetitive.

I am a long-standing member but am using a new name.

Long story short. Maybe had closed an account with Paddy Power MANY MOONS ago, so many moons ago that I'm even sure I did or how I went about it (SE, normal closure, temporary, what my email address was, anything) - long before they merged with Betfair, all that jazz. Either way, tested the water by opening a new one figuring I'd be stopped from doing so if it had been an SE. Used all the same personal details so obviously no deliberate circumvention. Nothing happened so I figured everything was cool and made two deposits over the course of the evening totalling £1000. I am a high roller so this isn't unusual. I was happily playing away at Rubiks Riches at £5 per spin and after a couple of hours, I had about £400+ left when suddenly my account was locked just as I hit a bonus round that was about to start. I was asked to contact CS.
A frosty CS operative advised that it was just for verification docs so I provided everything there and then.
Much to my disappointment, I wasn't able to continue my play straight away because the docs take 72 hours to verify....VERY annoying given I was about to start a much-awaited bonus game :((( I wasn't confident the game was going to wait for me.
Anyway, whilst I was there and because it struck me as odd to be locked out for verification docs, I thought I would mention the possible closure of a very old account years ago with Paddy Power. I asked if she would possibly be able to check and what would happen if so, figuring worst case scenario if I had an old/SE account I would get deposits back as that had happened to me before at SuperLenny.
She said she would pass that to security. She was very frosty and said if this turned out to be the case, no deposits would be returned, my account would just be closed and my deposits kept. I said how could this possibly be fair, as obviously no winnings would be paid out, so I would be disadvantaged either way? How could I be paying for gambling transaction with no chance to possibly win? She sent me some T&C blurb but I hadn't breached it at all... it mentioned circumvention - which I hadn't - all my details were the same, something about their end of protecting me from reopening an account, well nothing seemed to be in place their end - nothing had flagged up to stop me joining, and I had also mentioned it to CS MYSELF when I still had money in my account. She was very rude and had nothing helpful to say. I just can't believe this may be the outcome?

1. They get to just keep my £1000 when I couldn't possibly have won anything either way?
2. My honest mistake for joining up again for an account with PP many moons ago when nothing stopped me from re-joining?
3. Aren't they meant to give my deposit back?

So sorry for broken-recordness here, any help or guidance on how to approach this is so appreciated, I assure you I am not trying to be some sort of dick or swerve the rules, it was all the adverts for PP during the world cup made me think about playing there and it could well be 10 years ago that I had an account and really did assume that it would have stopped me making a new one if there was an issue.
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Mar 18, 2012
I notified our PP contact about this, hopefully you'll get some answers soon!