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Bonus Complaint something is wrong with Everest Casino

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by gamblingmace, Oct 16, 2010.

    Oct 16, 2010
  1. gamblingmace

    gamblingmace Dormant account

    I want to make two complaints about Everest Casino. The first one is that their customer support is useless and the other one is that they invited me to a bonus and refuse to give me this bonus.

    I have got accounts at three casinos of this group and I received bonuses at all of them. I played with bonuses and without bonuses at these sites. Last month I claimed bonuses at two casinos, at Everest Casino and at Casino Lux. On the first of October Everest sent to me an email offering me two reload bonuses of 50% up to 100% I could claim in October and they sent to me the same email offering me the same bonuses for Casino Lux. On the 4th of October I deposited 200$ at Everest entering the bonus code for the 50% bonus but I didnt receive any bonus. I made a screenshot of it so that I could prove that I had entered the bonus code. So I contacted their customer support asking why I hadnt received the bonus I had claimed. You cannot email the support of Everest but you have to log into the casino and use a contact form there. And when you send them a message this way they email you. First you get an email saying we received your message and we will get back to you soon. Then it can take some minutes, some hours or some days until they reply and sometimes they dont reply at all and then you have to contact them again.

    So I contacted them via the form in the casino telling them I had claimed a bonus but I havent received it and I asked them to put the bonus into my account. They replied that I shall send a screenshot to them that shows that I entered the bonus code. So I hit the reply-button on the email I received from them and I attached the screenshot to it and I wrote that the screenshot is attached and I asked them to give the bonus to me. But the email couldnt be delivered and I received a message that it is not possible to send an email to that address that Everest uses to email their players. The email address they use is something like this:

    This email is not visible to you.

    The numbers in the address vary. It is not possible to send an email to this address, neither directly nor by replying to it.

    So I sent them another message via the form in the casino saying I cannot send them a screenshot as it is not possible to email them using their email address and I asked them to tell me where to send a screenshot. It is not possible to attach a screenshot to that contact form in the casino.
    They replied by explaining to me in detail how to make a screenshot. Lolololol. I know how to make a screenshot but obviously I need an email address I can send a screenshot to and they didnt tell me this.

    So I sent another message to them via the form in the casino explaining that I know how to make a screenshot but they need to tell me to which email address I can send it. Btw I was a little annoyed meanwhile.
    This is what they replied: „you can attach the screenshot to this email“. Hahaha. This is a funny reply, isnt it? Sure I can attach the screenshot to their email and I can try to send it to them by hitting the reply button but as I had already told them the email cant be delivered to the email address that they use.

    So one more time I sent a message to them via that form in their casino explaining I cannot send an email to their email address and I cannot attach a screenshot to this contact form and I ask them to tell me to which email address I can send a screenshot.
    They replied that they are sorry but they dont understand what I tell them and that I shall reply to their email and attach the screenshot to it. Hello? Is somebody at home? I couldnt believe it. How can a customer support be so useless?

    So I sent them another message explaining to them again that I cannot email them.
    They replied oh sorry you didnt tell us that you cannot send an email to our email address. Please try to send an email to us from another email account of yours. Rofl. so they demand that I send a screenshot to them that proves that I entered a bonus code but they refuse to tell me where to send it to. I was fed up then but I thought lets not give it up now. Lets see if I can get that bonus (I am a fighter lol).

    So I sent another message to them explaining that it is not possible to email them using their email address and that I would need a different email address.
    They replied that I shall change my email address in my casino account and when I receive their reply I shall try to reply to that email and attach a screenshot to my reply email.
    I thought that will probably not work either but ok lets give it a try. Then I changed my email address in the casino twice and I sent messages via the form to them twice from different email addresses and I tried to reply to their emails well you know what I mean and guess what happened? Correct, again my emails could not be delivered lolololol.

    So I told them that this didnt help and I asked to make a different suggestion. This time they replied that I shall send the screenshot to the address „ask-ibs.com“. This address is obviously not an email address but a website which is called Internet Billing Services. One can use it to verify an account and as I didnt want to verify an account I sent another message to the support of Everest asking what I should exactly do on that website.
    They replied that I should click on the button that says „verify your account“ and then I would be able to send a screenshot to them. So I did that on the 7th of October. I sent them another message via the form saying I had sent that screenshot via that website and it would be a nice move if they finally gave the bonus to me. I received the standard email saying we will get back to you soon. Then nothing happened for 3 days – no reply and no bonus.

    So I sent them another message and on the 11.10. they replied they are looking into it and will reply again soon.
    On the 12th they told me that I cannot get the bonus I claimed because I had claimed this bonus at a different site of their group - at Casino Lux - and I can claim this bonus only one time. They sent to me a link towards their bonus terms:

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    they quoted this part:

    "1.Limitation. Bonuses (whether one-time, sign-up, special promotion, loyalty or any other type) are limited to one per combination of: a person, family, household, geographic address, mailing address, email address, credit card number and shared computer environment (such as a library or workplace). This limitation applies across all affiliations, subsidiaries and partnerships of the House. If an affiliated gaming site is running the same promotion, an individual person cannot receive the same promotion from both sites." (unquote)

    this was a strange reply that I did not fully understand. I had claimed bonuses at several sites of their group and that was never a problem so what did they mean? Yes, I had claimed the same reload bonus at their sister site Casino Lux but why would that matter? They invited me to these bonuses at two of my accounts so I should be eligible at both, shouldnt I? And I have never had this problem before. Last month I could claim the same reload bonuses at Everest and at Casino Lux so why is this not possible anymore now? I won a big amount last month at Everest and maybe they dont like me anymore because of that but if they want to bonus ban me they should tell me this and stop sending bonus offers to me. I dont care if they give me bonuses as there are a lot of casinos and one can get better bonuses at many of them. But if they invite me to bonuses and I claim them they should give me those bonuses. And why did they demand that I send a screenshot to them even though I was not bonus eligible at Everest? Did they want to tease me to get rid of me or are they clueless and useless? I sent a message to them asking them these questions but they didnt answer the questions and they replied with some gibberish saying something like we confused something and we apologize.

    What is really annoying is the uselessnes of their support and that it is so difficult to contact them. Shouldnt it be possible to email them instead of having to use that form inside their casinos? And there are some problems with this form: there is only little space and you cannot write a long message to them and you cannot get a transcript of your message and you cannot attach a screenshot. I told them this some months ago and suggested they improve these things but obviously they havent done anything about it. And it is not a secret that customer support reps are often hot helpful but this experience was one of the worst ones I have ever had.

    And I contacted their rep on this forum via a PM on the 4th of October and asked him for help but he hasnt replied so far. So it looks like Everest Casino should change and improve some things. I am going to send a link towards this thread to the rep of EverestGaming and maybe he wants to post a reply to my complaint instead of ignoring me again.

    Basically I like the casinos of this group and they seem to be reputable but they shouldnt treat their players this way, right?
  2. Oct 16, 2010
  3. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    I know it's way too late for this, but for your screenshot attachment problem - couldn't you have posted the screenshot to photobucket or somewhere and just sent them a link to it via their contact form?
  4. Oct 16, 2010
  5. gamblingmace

    gamblingmace Dormant account

    yes sure I could have done that but shouldnt it be possible to send a screenshot to them if they demand this from me? and my complaint is not mainly about this screenshot stuff but about the facts that their customer support is useless in general because they make absurd replies or dont even reply at all and that they refuse to give a bonus to me even though they invited me and that the form in the casino is not so good and that their rep on the casinomeister site ignores me and so on. I sent a PM to their rep today with a link towards this thread so let's see if he replies this time or if he keeps on ignoring me.
  6. Oct 18, 2010
  7. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Given their explanation for you not getting the bonus, all this bullcrap about you sending a screenshot was completely IRRELEVANT, and had NO bearing whatsoever on the outcome. Support should have told you this the FIRST time, not sent you on a lengthy and fruitless challenge of sending you a screenshot.

    The incompetence demonstrated here is at a breathtaking level. The email address is BY DESIGN one that can NEVER be replied to, since it is NOT a "real" email address, but more like one of those "virtual card" applications where a random number is generated in each instance, but that only works once. The reason why you could not send the screenshot by reply was that there was NO VALID RETURN PATH associated with the inbound email, so no matter HOW many times you changed your email address within the casino, this was NEVER going to work.

    Support's EVENTUAL workaround was a mess, completely obvious NOT!, and even then you more or less had to "hack" a process meant for one purpose (account verification) so that it might serve another (send a screenshot).

    IF players are going to be expected to send in screenshots, there should be an option to do so in that support form.

    Even without this specific issue, how the hell do you actually DISCUSS an issue with CS. This method only allows one question and one reply. You CANNOT then ask for clarification of a bad reply, other by raising a completely NEW support issue, and this case clearly demonstrated the limitations in that support FAILED to take into account what you had PREVIOUSLY told them about this issue, and instead kept on giving you the SAME answer (that didn't work) over and over again as though each issue was a completely separate query.
  8. Oct 20, 2010
  9. gamblingmace

    gamblingmace Dormant account

    true. thats why their support is a little well let's say incompetent.
    meanwhile the rep of Everest has replied to my PM and he told me there was a problem with their emailing system which caused several players not being able to reply to their customized email addresses and I was affected by this problem but it has been identified and resolved. well, I am not a big computer expert but I guess vinylweatherman is right when he says one can never reply to their emails. or can a member of this forum confirm that it is possible to do so?
    oh, they knew exactly what I was talking about because whenever I sent a message to them via that form I copied and pasted their last email into it. in spite of that I received absurd replies again and again. and anyway that contact form should be improved. it should be much bigger, one should be able to get a transcript of the message one sends to them and it should be possible to attach a screenshot. and why dont they provide an email address for their players like every online casino does it? In his reply to my PM their rep failed to ask these questions. and he told me I cannot get the bonus I wanted to get because I had claimed this one at a different casino of their group but as a token of good will they credited a (smaller) bonus to my account. ok so one can claim bonuses only at one casino of their group, thats fine with me. but they should improve some things about their customer support, thats for sure.
  10. Oct 20, 2010
  11. Josh66

    Josh66 Dormant account PABnoaccred

    Self Employed
    Everest Casino

    Read these posts with interest.

    As far as I am concerned, Everest are dirty bastards.

    Earlier this year I won 10K and they used every tactic in the book to delay paying me, asking for well over 20 documents to be emailed. They wanted documentation on closed bank accounts.

    I have never played at Everest since and go out of my way to tell as many people as I can not to play there.


  12. Oct 23, 2010
  13. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    They shouldn't try to be so damn CLEVER then. It seems the problem was made worse because support were in complete denial that it could be THEIR systems at fault, something later confirmed to be the case, and kept on insisting the problem MUST be at YOUR end, and suggesting fixes that could NEVER work given the circumstances.

    If they are saying these bonuses can only be claimed once, why are they not CONSISTENT with this approach (you claimed earlier reloads more than once on different accounts). Since it had been OK before, you were convinced things should work the same this time around.

    They also sent you TWO offers, rather than a SINGLE offer saying "can be claimed once only on any one account", which would have been clearer (and the way Casino Rewards do it).

    This seems over the top, especially since documents for CLOSED account may not be available because the accounts are, well, CLOSED:confused:

    Was this count of 20+ due to them constantly saying "documents are unclear", but not being "clear" themselves about what documents they were wanting you to send.

    Did you manage to get paid in the end after jumping through all the hoops?

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