Something is rotten in Denmark


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Aug 4, 2005
or Belize, Gilbraltar, Canada etc. I have been playing online for years and I know in my gut something ain't Kosher.
For instance. I played at 4 different casinos this morning. Inetbet,Starluck,Trident,and Vegas Splendido. They all were the tightest I have ever seen them. Either you can't get the bonuses or if you do get them they do not pay even a smidgen of what they used to. Now I do get runs of bad luck but this isn't that. I can't even double my money or even play long enough to say I had fun. Should have just sent them a check.
So me and the misses have decided it is time to give it up for a while. I am taking all casinos off my computer and if one gives me my monthly bonus then I will redownload and play it and then it will come off again.
I have always gone with my gut and it is telling me something is up, most of the casinos have tightened their belts. They know something they are not telling us.
So goodbye Inetbet, Starluck,Trident,Vegas Splendido, Royal Vegas, Platinum play,Vip Casinos,Party poker, Diamond Deal. You all just are no fun to play anymore. When at the lowest wager I can't even play long enough to say I played it is time to give it up.
I will still come here and join in the forum to see what you all have been up to and see who has been good and who has been bad(you know I report to Santa):D but I am going to give it a rest for awhile.
May you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving as I will be enjoying it with my 2 children and 9 grandchildren. We are so Blessed.
God Bless you all and Good luck.

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