something amiss at inchilli?


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Nov 2, 2006
What is going on at inchilli? 1st the random jackpots have disappeared and when I asked via the chat the operator acted surprised and wanted a screenshot..ok. Well after numerous attempts my email would not go through.I tried outlook and hotmail. 2nd their website won't come up.Its like it doesn't exist.What is going on? 3rd I requested a cashout last night and was checking on it a was told 24 hours I will get it.That's fine but I had second thoughts abouts withdrawing to neteller for obvious reasons.I'm afraid that inchilli is shut down and if I do get the money in Neteller they might be shut down too! Help! Any thoughts?:confused:
I deposited a couple of hours ago and got the welcome bonus so I could play the jackpot games. The jackpot feature was gone. I asked in chat and they said to log off and re-log on. I did - no jackpots. Well, they said to re-start my computer. I did and they still weren't there. Then they told me I needed to update my windows. Said it was my PC causing the problem. If not that, then it was my server causing the prob. So sorry so sorry for the inconvenience try again in a couple of hours. I was told no other player had reported a problem with the jackpot games so it had to be on my end. I blew my deposit on their other slots. What a hassle and a run-around.
Well forget it inChilli. I intend to remove your casino. Why is every software problem the fault of the players PC??????

As for NETeller Kato- I have had no problems with them. My deposits and withdrawls go through fine. At least they have been but I just read the posts about the arrests. Geez Loueez- I feel sick.
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