Some VP Pappy Poker Thoughts


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May 19, 2002
"The only good lies are on golf courses and poker tables."

"Poker, like life, is comprised of dealing with the unknown."

"The pros always seem to be surprised that the amateurs can make good plays too."

"The meek may inherit the earth, but in poker, they will get run over."

"Every poker hand is like a blank canvas just waiting for you, the artist, to add the color."

"An aggressive poker player looks for a reason to stay in every hand. A passive player looks for a reason to get out of every hand."

"He's a self-made poker player, which shows you what can happen when you don't read the instructions."

"Learn to forgive yourself. Even the best players make mistakes."

"Poker is not about life and death. It's much more serious than that."

Sometimes when I play poker, I get the feeling that everyones against me.

"What fun would poker or life be if we never took a calculated chance and tried to win?"

"In poker, it's not what cards you have, but what cards you pretend to have."

"If poker is war, then Texas Hold'em is nuclear war."

--Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy

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