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Mar 22, 2010
Mostly the Netherlands
Also posted this in the 'what are you listening to' thread, but was advised by @dionysus to post it here, as that thread only seems to have 30 steady readers... And i really want this seen as much as possible.

I have two fairly short Video's, and one longer doc, i recently watched (or rather re-watched) i wanted to post on here as well. Show your kids..or your friends..

7 minute speech about the latest nature documentary series 'Our Planet' with Sir David Attenborough, with some pressing words, that should be heard everywhere..(i.m.o.)

20 Minute TED talk with Allan Savory, who, despite getting a lot of flack from the so called 'established' scientific community, has some excellent points, and some fairly good news (this research was finished back in 2013, after years of field work which deems to have proven his theories successful) and after some research i have found a lot of scientists are also on his side, at least partly, and a lot of farmers and ecologists have been working on some of his ideas, in most cases also successful.

And last but not least, a compilation of some of the findings a lot of 'rogued' scientists and independent researchers have been compiling over the last decades, which seems more and more, to be a collection of undeniable clues towards the 'fact' that our 'documented history' is largely false, and full of holes. If you didn't already know this, please watch it. Be warned, it's a longer documentary but very captivating. Keep an open mind, and if any of the topics pique your interest, please search for it on youtube, which has a remarkable collection of great documentaries on the various sites and places mentioned in the compilation..

Also, check Joe Rogan's latest podcast with Robert Schoch:



Experienced Member
Jan 8, 2019
Particularly the first two should be watched and understood by everyone. Love Sir David Attenborough and his message. The idea in the second makes so much breeds life......Both messages and ideas that will hopefully be communicated more and find more realisation now we have the internet. Hopefully it's not too late.

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