Some Thoughts on the Magic Oasis Fiasco


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Mar 19, 2001
I stated before that I doubt that all the players, if not most, who had their winning denied were on the blacklist prior to Magic Oasis or Windows putting them there in the last few days. If a player was not on the list, then how does the casino determine that the player is a bonus abuser? (I use that term loosely.) Do they deem a player an abuser because he plays the minimum or maybe a little more? If this is so, than the casino is really stupid.

If a casino doesn't want a player who is on a blacklist, then that player shouldn't be allowed to deposit in the first place. Can't these places have a database on their system of undesirables that can be automatically crosschecked when a player signs up? Of course they can, but in the case of Magic Oasis, they wait to see if the player wins or not.

A casino offers a bonus to attract players and hopefully keep some of them. When a casino makes an offer, they are going to attract a variety of players. There are going to be the players who just play the minimum along with player who get the bonus and give the casino some decent action. If the casino is not getting the latter, then they are doing a poor job of promoting their site. If the promo is structured and advertised properly, the promo itself might make money or lose a bit which is the cost of advertising. I know this is possible because there are casinos out there who have been running the same promos for months.

Of the players that come in a play the minimum to obtain a bonus, there are a certain percentage that will never come back and some who will. This is just like any other type of business. How does Magic Oasis know which players are the ones who won't come back if they don't give them a chance? There are players who like to test a casino; play the minimum and see how fast the casino pays etc. A casino that has been in business for awhile and runs frequent promos can know which players play only the minimum, which is not wrong if done within the rules. Magic Oasis being a new casino, can't possibly know who is or is not an abuser if they didn't get the names off a list somewhere. There is no way all these players were previously on the list, and don't forget, we only hear about the ones that are complaining. One thing is for sure, not many players at all are going to go back to Magic Oasis.


Jan 12, 2001
Talk about starting a casino off with a bang...

Babe and Steve - and anyone else - need some input on a thread at WO. You can guess which one it is.


I wont post on any site that gives those bastards at magic oasis some free publicity.

Screw that. You would think he would take down that stupid story about that stupid, scam site.

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