Some thought about online casinos


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Aug 20, 2007
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Dear Members.

I have thought about this online casino business lately. I live very near a landbased casino, and played there much more than online 5 years ago.
But I found the online casinos more exciting; more slot machines to choose from, more softwares, promotions and so on. And I do not have to dress up everytime I want to spin the reels.

This is also arguments from the online casino industry to advertise their business. It is more convenient.

But... the big difference between landbased casinos and online casinos is that online casinos can track every little move you make. ( I know that landbased casinos have cameras and stuff, but I hardly think they spot a lowolling slot player who wins a couple of thousand dollars.) And every single lowrollers or highrollers stakes they can take to their laboratory and analyse.
And from this tracking they build up things like "irregular play" "cheating the software"
"bet patterns" or "wrong way to play".

Online casinos can look into your wallet all the time. Landbased casinos can not. I think, with this superintendence some managements see "ghosts" in form of patterns.

Do landbased casinos really have this problem, that, for instance, a player can mess with a physical slot machines software?
Like..player do not play all the winning lines, and then the player play all the lines and the slotmachine software go mad and pay all jackpots and highlevel wins one after another, and will not stick to the programmed 95-97 % payback level?

Or the player play 1 dollar per spin, and then, when player plays 2 dollar per spin, the software go mad and suddenly pay all wins on paytable?

I really wonder.




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Mar 4, 2008
hi tbh i do far far better at land based casinos than i do at any online casinos , ive on had no less than one jackpot a year so far over last 5 years ive been down 4 times a year with spending budget of 1k those jackpots have been on slots 3 of these for 4k other 1k & 500 , although i dont sit there & play them all night i also play cards blackjack & a fair ammount of roulette , it seems to last far longer at land based than online , maybe im just lucky , or perhaps because its cash i play in a different way.

doubt it though , ive seen the worst cards & worst slots online compared to land based slots yes ive spent some 700 quid through a slot & was lucky to be only down a couple of hundred , though online i couldnt count the many realy shite runs i have, i used to play without any bonuses at all or just the odd one.

now i wouldnt think of playing without one purely down to the greed of online casinos ,it doesnt seem to matter what i play with i may have a little win or hit around 1k , but soon as i up the bets there is a one way ticket & thats down , im not saying its rigged but there is something wrong with online casinos , people may well say its greedy but if you think how much moneys youve spent to hit that 1k , then its not alot , maybe its time for me to give it up aswell , because all i read here lately is bad service not all of them & payment delays everywhere doesnt seem to matter where your from & online casinos wonder why people question there RTP% alot because its bad thats why & they cant understand after 20 -50 straight deposits they havnt had any playtime or semi good returns , you either love it or just play for that magic hit to which it alludes so many , which you rarely see here on screenshots