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May 19, 2002
Ever since I bought those two huge Doyle Brunson Super System books, Ive become a much stronger player. Each morning before breakfast, I put one in each hand and do curls with them.

"Play life with your heart; play poker with your brain."

"Good poker skills are acquired after many years of experience. Experience is acquired after many years of bad poker skills."

"Never play poker for money with strangers, especially with a deck of cards that has been opened."

Poker players are like tea bags. You really don't know what they're made of until you put them in hot water.

Little fish have no business swimming with big sharks.

Don't bother praying to God when you are playing poker. He's much too busy answering all those lottery player's prayers.

Experience is something you get right after you lose the hand.

Those who cannot remember who raised with what in the past, are condemned to repeat their losses to the same players over again in the future.

Playing poker for fun, with no money involved, is like playing tennis with the net down.

Take advice from experts until you become one yourself.

Terrence VP Pappy Murphy

PS: New Texas Hold'em strategy, quote book coming out? Maybe...hopefullyfingers crossed. Gotta find the right publisher first. Getting published and finishing in the money is a tough nut to crack.

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