Some games not loading


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Aug 3, 2018
Hi All

I joined Unibet this week as they have a great selection of slots but I've had a few issues with quite a lot of games refusing to load.

Basically whenever I tried to open games from Wms, BTG (but strangely not Final Countdown) and some other providers whose name escapes me it opens to a black screen where the slot should be and then gives me a message with words to the effect that 'blah blah Malta took too long to respond'

Play n Go, Netent and Push gaming all worked fine with no issues.

I should say that this problem only occurs on my desktop pc running chrome on Windows 7, I tried clearing the cache, but that made no difference.

On my Android tablet again running chrome, every game from all suppliers load and play fine.

Might this be a problem at my end, and if so any ideas how I can fix it, or is it something the providers need to sort out?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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Jan 2, 2018
It's possible an ad-blocker or similar may be stopping them loading. I've had issues as well.

Try using in a browser with no extensions.


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Jan 12, 2018
I play on a mobile and have had issues at Unibet and VS especially with BTG and Thunderkick games. It is their issue as I have played Bonanza on a different platform and it plays fine. As mentioned above it seems to be the NYX server based games.

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