Solutions Regarding Global Climate Change


Beach Bum
Jan 9, 2008
Just Across the Hudson River
James Hansen (one of the original global warming alarmists) offers an alternative to Obama's proposed 'cap and trade' legislation. It seems like simple wealth redistribution to me. Below is an excerpt of the article and the link. Any thoughts?

As far as the planet is concerned, agreements to "cap" emissions, such as the Kyoto Protocol and the imagined Copenhagen Protocol, are worthless scraps of paper. As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest energy, they will be burned somewhere. This fact helps define a solution to the climate problem. Yes, people must make changes in the way they live. Countries must cooperate. Matters as intractable as population must be included. Technology improvements are required. Changes must be economically efficient. The climate solution necessarily will increase the price of fossil fuel energy. We must admit that. But in the end, energy efficiency and carbon-free energy can be made less expensive than fossil fuels, if fossil fuels' cost to society is included. The solution must have honesty, backbone and a fair international framework. We need a rising price on carbon applied at the source (the mine, wellhead, or port of entry). The fee will affect all activities that use fossil fuels, directly or indirectly. The entire fee collected from fossil fuel companies should be distributed to the public. In this fee-and-dividend approach people maintaining a carbon footprint smaller than average will receive more in the dividend than they pay via increased energy costs. The monthly dividend, deposited electronically in their bank account or on their debit card, will stimulate the economy and provide people with the means to increase their carbon efficiency. All that governments need do is divide the collected revenue by the number of shares, with half-shares for children, up to two children per family.

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Dormant account
Jan 30, 2006
Los Angeles
Love it! But this dividend paid to the public based on each individual's carbon footprint: wont it be more expensive to plug every man, woman and child on the planet into the monitoring system for keeping track of who gets what than it would cost to just buy all the coal burning countries co2 containment systems for their coal-fired power plants? Or did I miss something? :confused:

Anywway, sure, I'm for anything that can be put into action that anyone can agree on, for starters. If it doesn't work then the inertia of having started something can just evolve into something else.