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Hi Bryan, very informative site. I am in the process of opening an online casino and was wondering what software you recommend. From my reading it seems that cryptologic and microgaming are the most popular. What do you recommend?
I would go with player preference and even though RTG seems to be preferable to most players, RTG casinos have had the worst rep when it comes to running their businesses. The next popular selection of games would be MG and Crypto. MG especially if players are into the progressives, but there have been numerous complaints about BJ (it seems nobody is winning BJ these days). Crypto is also very good; the shortcomings they had were the payment processes (via Crypto--credit card problems) but since they are accepting Paypal now, they seem to have solved this.

I would say a toss up between MG and Crypto (depending on costs). Boss Media is also very good, but I haven't seen the variety of games like the others offer. Hope this helps.


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