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Oct 16, 2006
I was just in the late stages of a 48-person freeroll--which I won--where one tall stack kept checking to a short-stacked friend in a heads-up situation even though the tall stack had an A-high flush and the short stack had crap. It was extremely obvious that he didn't want to knock his buddy out before the money.

How do you guys behave with friends at an online tournament? I can tell you that I *never* take it easy on anyone in a tournament, friend or enemy. In fact, in the same tournament I knocked out a cyberfriend who finished 4th. If there are only the two of us left HU, I might offer to chop the prize money, but as long as there are other strangers left at the table, it's completely unfair to them to take it easy on a fellow player because of a personal relationship.

what you need to do when this happens is to contact support and get them to look into it. This sort of play is against the rules and should be stopped.

It is a little odd though. I can think of freerolls where guys with huge stacks have said to me - "fold I have you beat" and mean it actually wanting me to fold. It has been like they have 20k in chips and I have 3k and because I have been playing proper poker as opposed to sitting out or playing like a moron they have been treating me well. I do not think in these circumstances there would be a real problem but in the situation you describe action should probably be taken against those involved.

I rarely play freerolls these days (1 every 2 months or so) but similar issues can exist in real money games. I have a pc taht crashes all the time. Also I have a flat mate who often doesnt put electricity in the metre so I can often be out of a game for 5 minutes or so.

If players play their normal game, exploit the fact that i am absent thats fine but sometimes I am sure that given the amount my stack has diminished there has been some verbal collusion to attack my stack. Even though i am sitting out this to me is totally wrong and is colluding. It does not happen very often and there are actually more people who will fold to a sit out with connection problems for a few minutes to give them a chance of coming back than would do anything naughty but it is still something that I believe I have encountered from time to time.

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