Soft Gambling sites ain't paying

I thought Jinnia was talking about Bryan there for a minute. That's who I think of when someone says C.M.!
No jpm .. never a bad word of any kind for the meister .. not from me .. grin

jetset.. you are correct.. we ALL make hasty decisions ..

I only gave my opinion .. I don't even make comments at the Board Wars forum ..for not at war with any ... so now .. I lay it to rest ...

Thank you!
Good going!

By the way, I wish people wouldn't call me CM. It gets confusing since that's what C.M. likes being called. Also Casinomeister is ONE word, not two like some people believe. Just a heads up on pet peeves.

My own "pitch a bitch".
Yes, Mr. "C" .. I'll remember that!!! grin
OMG! (Footnote) I was uninstalling these clowns casinos when I noticed that my wife and I had a little money left in the platinum player casino, played it, won $50 each and now they ain't even paying that! (When Crystal was there she let my wife and I open an account each)
Can you say SINKING SHIP? (BTW they even shorted me $50 for some sort of bonus thingy. Figures! You can't even cash out bonuses at their casinos! The "head" of Soft Gambling thinks his players are uhhhhhhh inteligently challenged? lmaooooooooo)
Man they thought I was tough? They gonna meet the Mrs.!

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