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Oct 21, 2003
Hi all,
These casinos owe me and the mrs. $900 and are not paying. It has been over 3 weeks.

I got stories about virus this and server that blah blah blah yadiyadayada.
Here they are

Lobby Casino
Vegas saloon Casino
Egypt Gold Casino
Platinum Plaer Casino
Taxi Casino

I would stay away from these ones.

What software do these places use? I've never heard of them before.
I'd be very interested in knowing more about this claimed non payment situation...

My reason, I was supposed be to opening VegasHeatCasino with this software tomorrow...

In hinsight however there has been so many delays and stories why the casino was not ready, ( was supposed to be finished 5 weeks ago ).

I have just attempted to contact my source, however both the Toll free and the international phone numbers, are being diverted to a Internet domain name registration business
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
( ph 901-680-7720 )

~ I have never contacted them myself by phone they have always phoned me ~
The following domain is also owned by
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Which it happen is registered in Belize, and the contact is a hotmail account... owns the casino's above,

these are the numbers I attempted to call:

Toll free 1-866-891-4357


(01) 418 523 6053 >,--- International ---|

I don't know about this, I'm sending an e-mail out now...

ty...the way this is starting to pan out...things are starting to add up and 2+2 is not equaling 4 if you know what I mean... :uhoh:

Will keep you all posted on the updates and the e-mail I recieve in repsonse to my questions...

I've just been advised that the outstanding amount in winnings was paid this morning to both your self & your wife.

Was also informed that due to some intital sign problem, this has led to a few glitches with having ths account/s paid out.

If this is not the case, I would appreciate knowing, thank you.
Hi again,
That is half true. I received half the money (cash delivered to my house?? Would have preferred Neteller) and apparently am supposed to receive other half this weekend.
I got the call from softgambling this morning and was told of the internal problems they are experiencing. I guess I fell through the cracks?
It's amazing the power of these forums.

I will keep you posted for the other half. (fingers crossed)
Thank you all very much! I will be a regular here now.

I was owed $300 and was paid today by Prepaid ATM. I think they have really been having problems but they did pay me today.

I was told by that your payout was taken care of...To hear that only 1/2 was paid...( $450 ) seems very odd to me; not doubting you Bruce, unable to understand why only $450...not the total amount. And the cash to your house...You are talking cold hard cash or a check?

BTW I'm not going to open Vegas Heat Casino or have anything to do with this outfit until I find out the truth. If it turns out they've BS'd me...I wont be opening...

What's another five weeks or so living on baked beans right! :rofl:
Communications hassles, payout delays, payments by instalments and by cash, delays in casino delivery...this does not sound like a well-funded or very professional outfit.
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Subject: vegas heat casino


Firstly concerning the casino...

As far as pointing my DNS's over to your server, that is a definite no...That was not what I was told in the beginning and sorry but I'm not interested in doing that.


The payout I made inquiry to. I've been informed that in fact only 1/2 of this payment was made. The other 1/2 to be received on the weekend?

You told me " For our player and his wife who have a pending cashout, it was handled this morning. "

Being handled and only 1/2 being paid is a BIG difference, I explained that I will not stand for being led up the garden path, in layman's terms...told BS.

Now I'm supposed to be operating a casino with your company.

Unfortunately I've been burnt to many times in the industry to give anyone a second chance.
Consider this a formal letter of withdraw from your program and from Direct Gambling.


Joel xxxxxxxxx
Hi all,

This was the straw that broke the camels back.

As some of you know, I've been gambling online since 97 and have been involved ( making a living from the online gambling industry ) since 2000.

Over these 3 years my focus and belief was to operate with integrity trying to make a difference; maybe I should have stuck with

However be this as it may, In essence I've come to the realization that unless I own a casino outright ( not much hope of this happening ), I'm undoubtedly going to find myself in these type of situations as above, history doesn't lie.

In saying this, I've decided to withdraw from the online casino industry, and pursue other interests.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the past 3 years, without your support I doubt I would have made it this far.

Take it easy

Hi Joel,

Well I hope you'll still hang around a bit; there are still "good guys" out there.

The tip off chould have been the use of a "hotmail" account. No respectable business should be using free email accounts to set up a business, or domain name. It's amaturish and can be implied that they have something to hide.

Hang in there Joel. I'm sure your ship will eventually arrive in port.
Hey Bryan,

Thanks Mate :cheers:

I should have done my homework on these guys but all I did was fan the pages. Yeah the hotmail account is a BIG warning sign... :yes:

That ship yeah it probably will, but at the rate I'm going, arthritis, osteoporosis and old age will have kicked in & I'll be unable to make it up the gang plank :rofl:

I'll write you.

Take it easy

Garbage bin drops; the lift doesn't go to the top floor for these clowns!

For those of you who have seen Vin Diesel XXX
The line used by Xander Cage in the diner " You have to be kidding me! " suits this to a T

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Hey thanks...yeah I guess I could have posted it myself :) Was just thinking of other people who may not know of the Bet2gambles forum.

Sure Bryan wont mind!

plenty of people knows of Bet2Gamble, but not many can/will post any longer due to C.M. havin' his finger glued on the 'Ban' button. Kiss his butt, let him edit your post to his liking before posting, or he deletes the post and you're 'banned'.

Am I wrong? This is what I have seen. This is just my opinion.

I appreciate your view, and have been around long enough to know what is what & who is who.

Without making an issue out of it. Some people who are new here may not know what Bet2gambles forum is or much less where to find it.
hey glodge,

no issue ..

Thank you
Jinnia, I think you're being a little harsh on CM. He may have made a few hasty decisions (haven't we all) but in general there has been some justification for the three or four bans he has instituted. Just my opinion.

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