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Jul 25, 2016
So a place that I'm playing had a coupon in which they gave you 100.00 chip with each usage of that coupon. But they have a rule that you cant get free chips while having a pending withdrawal however it's still owed to you.

The one rep said that I'd get them when I have no more pending withdrawals. But then my csr said that they're tagged to my account but when I have no more pending withdrawals I can get them but one at a time after a deposit.

But I already deposited to get them, which is why I was depositing using that coupon. I had about 15 deposits.

So he had said that free chips are actually free for us to do whatever, can technically cash a free chip.

But how does it make sense to have to deposit further to get them? I get that it sucks to hand me 1500 in free chips but I had paid for them. And if they didn't have that rule in place about getting free chips with pending withdrawals, I'd have most likely spun them during my playtime. It's not my fault that it piled up.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel it's totally bogus to simply not get your free chips that you paid for all at once?

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