Your Input Please So I've been thinking...

neon claws

Jan 5, 2020
So I was playing a slot machine and I win, but then I started losing almost straight away.
And this got me to thinking, about slots, and if they are rigged.

And I thought; are slots rigged?

What do you think? Are slots rigged?


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May 6, 2019
Sarcastic thread.

I do have some sympathy with people with regards to this. It’s not so much about losing after a giant win (that’s to be expected), it’s the manner in which the RTP tanks, almost like a counterbalance.

Say for example you win 2000x on a slot after average base game play that gives 55% RTP. It almost feels like once that 2000x hits, bonus frequency often drops right off and the base plays harsher than it did pre win.

Obviously it’s hard to collect stats on as these mega hits don’t come frequently ?


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Apr 2, 2011
Stopped at neon claws was thinking............ :p I kid I kid, yes it's rigged.:D


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May 13, 2014
Most defiantly rigged

Without a doubt mate

We must be mad, MAD I tell thee for us to carry on even trying to climb this topless (oo-er) mountain.


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Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Games that you win on that go cold are expected, there's only so long in a session of a game/deposit you can win before it takes on games paying under 100% and expected to lose on.

What I definitely do find rigged though is the fact that when on a "hot" streak I can jump on just about any game and its almost impossible to lose but then what happened a few weeks ago making me take an expected break was beyond disgusting. Any casino I touched, any provider I touched, any game I touched RTP felt like it was sitting on 10%. Tried small bets, big bets, auto spin, manual spin, turbo spin, high volatility, low volatility, etc. No matter what I did balance went from deposit + bonus to $0 in record time. I think the only time I managed to even get a feature was on min bet and they would pay 15 - 30x max. Not even a little win to get me up a little bit on wagering and give me that happy dopamine hit before taking it all, just straight RIP.

Have not deposited in 2 and a half weeks now (seems like a record as I am more or less a daily depositor at multiple casino's) and could not feel any better. Can almost guarantee that once this "break" ends that the first deposit I do will be one of those "hot" sessions to get me a decent cash out and back into the deposit every day cycle but its "random".

Been VIP at almost every casino I play at and I can tell you this much, once your account is flagged as "VIP" its a lot more controlled to give you decent enough hits to keep you hooked but nowhere near enough to what your losses have been over the years for you to say to yourself I finally hit what I have been chasing all these years because they know even a 5 figure cash out is nothing and will go back in when your down in 6 figures over the years.


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Dec 14, 2020
Past years a have lost massive money on slots. Stil i dont think they are rigged but if i compare slotsplaying 2013-2017 it was different.. U could actully make a win with a small deposit.. Nowday, hard to trigger bonus and when u do 9/10 bonus pays shit. Slots with bonousbuys and extreme volatile.. 100 euro today on slots is 10-15min entertainemnt