Smart Live is calling a halt to the affiliate program


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Dec 16, 2004
Smart Live is calling a halt to the affiliate program

Smart Live wish to inform you of our decision to call a halt to our affiliate program with immediate effect. This decision has been made as a result of ongoing technical issues and integration with Income Access which we are unable to resolve fully. This means that we are not able to offer our affiliates the service that we want going forward.

We have been constrained up until now with managing this on a manual basis but this is not going to be possible to continue in this way if we want to offer the best service possible.

Therefore with regret all affiliate accounts will be closed and no new affiliates will be accepted to the program.

We at Smart Live feel that this is the best option to minimise any further issues that will begin to affect all affiliates. We will notify everyone should we reach a point where we can start to re-open a program that is technically stable.

All affiliate accounts will be paid up to date with the next accounting period.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we hope to be able to work with you again in the future under better circumstances.

Kind Regards

Smart Live Affiliates
14-16 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4PH
Direct: +44 (0) 207 747 5228


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Feb 17, 2009
Hi All,

We would like to clarify and provide a breakdown of what has happened with Smartlive casino.

Smartlive originally chose not to supply bonus or chargeback data for their affiliate program, and in April of this year they decided they wanted to begin including this data in the revenue calculation.

Smartlive chose not to pay affiliates for this period before backdating all data to January 2009.

In May when Smartlive began sending us the new complete data, we re-imported and updated stats for the year. It then became apparent that the client had been sending the data in the incorrect currency and therefore all data was amended and re-imported again.

Smarltive continue to have frequent issues generating accurate data for affiliates. We endeavor to assist Smartlive with resolving these issues as much as possible given that they reside on their end.

As you know the Income Access system relies on operators to provide accurate data for us to report and display to affiliates. As such we work very closely with our clients to test, audit and ensure the quality of the data that is supplied to us.

From our understanding there are no issues with tracking player signups and activity; the problem as it has been described to us is with generating the data and providing it to us to display in their affiliate system.

In this situation we feel that we have gone above and beyond in supporting this client to resolve their technical issues, even as far as offering to waive our fees until they were able to get things together on their end.

It is unfortunate Smartlive chose to handle these issues in this way, we felt it was necessary to clarify issues like this are not commonplace among our many other valued partners.