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Mar 28, 2003
I am looking for some feedback on some of the smaller software and their respective casinos. Everyone has played at the big guys (Crypto, Micro, Playtech, Boss) but what about some of the smaller guys? (Diamond, Aqua, Net) Some of the casinos here must be good and some must be bad. Any experiences with these little guys you would like to share?

I, for example, was looking into BlackDog casino (Diamond) and was undecided. Sticky bonus was a little weird but seemed clear. Not mentioned in Gambling Grumbles or on any of several blacklists. Are they cool or just small enough to fly under the radar? Would love to see a discussion on just these types of casinos.
Blackdogcasino is fine. Played there a couple of times. Last time I was paid deposit + winnings less than 4 hours after cashing out :notworthy:
I didn't have a chance to fully respond to this last week. But here's something:

Diamond Digital ran into a sticky little problem last July when a player was accused of manipulating the games. This is what he did:

He would open as many slot games as possible. He would make an initial wager, and for some reason at each slot game he would win on the initial spin. He would close the screen, then repeat the action. Eventually he had accumulated about $10,000 and tried to cash out. The casino accused him of manipulating the games, but told him that he had found a bug. He contacted me, and Vortran007 sent out a "Casino Warning" to everyone stating that the casino had buggy software. July 11th
I also think this was covered in July 18th's webcast Casinomeister Webcasts

Digital Diamond contacted me and stated that their software wasn't buggy at all, and that the player had found something he could exploit in the games (which to me sounds buggy :D ) I talked to the player over the phone, and he explained it to me that he discovered this by accident (serendiputous). He likes to play at landbased casinos two or three slots at a time, so he did the same here. But the DD slots seemed to always win on the first "pull" hmmmm. So he did what he did. He also told a bunch of his family members who opened accounts and did the same thing. Only they didn't get caught and they cashed their chips in. Bummer for the casino.
Hey Hip Hop you can find a nice review on those casino groups @ Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Geez Meister, I was only trying to state he can find other source of informaton. I didnt need for you to comment for him. If he doesn't like what Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) offers than fine. But you don't have to act like a whinning child. Besides they give their users money for using their service. And have casinos from all groups to choose from. You should stick your pink nose out of other folks business sometimes!
I was responding to this after the nearly identical posting you made in the other thread. Now I don't mind people posting other portal links at this site; people have been doing it for years, but I get hot headed at times when I see a portal that will not take any responsibility towards its referred players.

Read the terms and conditions. It's webmasters like the ones who push these banner farms that are flushing the industry down the toilet.

What happens to the players who get screwed by one of these casinos? They normally come to me or Julie Sidwell, or to someone else who has some pull with the casinos in question. Do you think I'm just sitting here twidling my thumbs waiting for players to bitch about getting ripped off?

<hr size=0>quote:<p>Besides they give their users money for using their service. And have casinos from all groups to choose from. You should stick your pink nose out of other folks business sometimes!<hr size=0>​

This is my board, and you are my guest. I'd recommend being a bit nicer. Players getting screwed over ARE my business.
I calmed down now. Everything is mellow. The webmaster is not pushing a banner farm flushing the industry down the toilet.

He may be a bit misdirected though.
Murder 1 has no cause to be discourteous to you as his host - he spammed the casino-rebates url three times that I saw. None too subtle.

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