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Small Deposits Equals Huge Losses - Consider This...

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by X-Raided, Jan 26, 2011.

    Jan 26, 2011
  1. X-Raided

    X-Raided I'm Beetlejuice Baby! PABinit

    I've recently analyzed my deposit to withdraw ratio and it wasn't
    a pretty sight.

    Mainly, when making a deposit, I deposit the minimum amount through
    UseMyWallet which is $40 + their commission of $2 for a total of $42.

    I went through my 3Dice account history log and counted up ALL the
    deposits made from May of 2010 until December of 2010. Mostly, my
    deposits were from $20 to $40 and nothing more than $40. Adding this
    all up, my total deposits have reached $5,620. I've had a few $10 comps
    here and there and also multiple tournament wins but have never been able
    to make a withdraw with them. My total amount of withdraws reached
    $1300. Most of that went back into 3Dice or other online casinos.

    What's my point? I'm getting to that now. The first few days of January,
    I pondered to myself and said, "Maybe I should save up my money and
    make one big deposit into a casino of my choice"... Smart move. 4 Days
    ago, I decided to deposit at English Harbour in the amount of $960.
    I ended up withdrawing $3,400, (actually, $3,750 but played some back:oops:)

    So that's the key. I know some of you are saying this is common sense
    and some cannot afford to simply make one big deposit like that,
    But really... All you small depositors out there, you should
    really consider one bigger than usual deposit rather than a bunch of smaller ones.

    IMHO!!! This is the ONLY way to beat the casinos.

    Small deposits add up so, so quickly. I definitely think that EVERY online
    casino is preying on the small depositors and are scared of people
    who deposit big.

    What's your thoughts guys?
  2. Jan 26, 2011
  3. ShayDrew

    ShayDrew Quit Gambling

    New Zealand
    While I would love to do this - as I normally deposit $20-$30 at a time it would probably mean 1 deposit a month instead of 2-3 a week. I enjoy relaxing with a quiet beer and having a play so I also think depositing a larger amount would not be as "relaxing" and I would find it a bit stressful.

    As a side note with small deposits I strongly recommend tracking all on a spreadsheet. After reading KK's website I set this up and starting tracking in October 2010 each little deposit and withdrawal accross all the casinos I play (About 8) so I can see patterns of win/loss etc and really keep a track on spend. Thanks KK!
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  4. Jan 26, 2011
  5. petro

    petro Dormant account, per user request PABnoaccred2 PABaccred

    There is one advantage I can see from lager deposits. It lessens your chance of bust.
  6. Jan 26, 2011
  7. colly

    colly Senior Member MM PABaccred

    Finance (Corporate Tax)
    You can win on the larger deposits but just be careful= the main temptation is to up your bets which if the machines are tight means you just lose more money quickly! I do think you need more "cashout control" if depositing and playing higher bets so then when you do get that one good hit = take it and run

    Strangely all my better wins this year have been from deposits under 100!.

  8. Jan 26, 2011
  9. mwhitak2

    mwhitak2 Dormant account

    Gamblin' Man
    I see where you are coming from and had similar thoughts. I was doing the same thing and making deposits of $40 several times a week to play on. This system was working and I generally would have cashouts of $300 - $500 when playing responsibly.

    I wanted to go for the next level and produce cashouts of $1K and higher and decided that a larger deposit with higher wagers was needed. Bad idea!

    This got me in the mindset of not cashing out when I was $500 up because I thought, "Well, that is what I deposited and that is just doubling my money and I know the big hits with these big wagers are out there. Plus I haven't had that much playtime so I'll keep going." I have lost far more money upping my deposits than I have ever using $40+ deposits.

    It caused me to disregard my original and "fun" play style. I started seeing $500 wins as "pocket change" and where I would have cashed out with a $40 deposit I did not with a larger deposit.

    I realize this gets into playing responsibly, managing your bankroll and cashing out when you're up no matter what your deposit amount. If you can do that I say go for it! It just caused me to psychologically evaluate my play in a different (negative) manner. By raising my deposit amount it also raised the amount I would have to win (by a lot) before cashing out.

    Best of luck!:)
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  10. Jan 26, 2011
  11. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt

    you can name your salary on wall street if you can constantly turn a 15%

    so if you can double up do it IMHO then play poker the rest of the night :thumbsup:
  12. Jan 26, 2011
  13. ShayDrew

    ShayDrew Quit Gambling

    New Zealand
    Agreed - When I do put in more than my $30 deposits I see a $100 - $200 profit as chump change - where if I deposit $30 - get a bonus - get through WR and have doubled my money to $60 I am happy to withdrawal and have two more sessions of play - but the oppositie happens to me on bigger deposits. I guess its just what people are comfortable with....

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