Slow payment and no response of Hotel Casino Network


Dormant account
Oct 5, 2006
I create casino account in Hotel Casino Network 19th Sep., and deposit $100, but casino did not credit to me 100% bonus within 24 hours.
So I played slot with additional $200 deposit, total $300 at 20th Sep.
I send mail that I did not want bonus.
I requested withdrawal $505 at 20th Semptember, but I do not recieve any withdrawal.

So I send my identifications below twice at 28t Sep. and 5th Oct.
>My diriver's license
>Credit card(front and back)
>Bill statement

But casino have not answered until now about my identification.
After all casino credited bonus $110 to my account at 30th Sep.!!
It is very very slow.
I already send mail about no bonus 10days ago.

There is not reaction of an email somehow and does not understand it how it is good.
Isnt that a website for casinos? Sorry if I misunderstood but, what is the specific name of the Casino. Have you called them? Do not try and play your money!!!! They are waiting for you to weaken and play it off! Send more emails if you cannot call them telling them you specifically stated you did not want a bonus - that you are waiting for your withdrawl to process... Pm the rep if there is one listed here...Be firm and good luck!:)

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