:) - Does frustrate you from time to time, more so when its the same slots you are used to playing and you cannot hit anything on them yourself :eek::eek:

PS: Good result yesterday :thumbsup: May just make 'The Great Escape' this season after all!

I have arranged for the Newcastle team to be pallbearers at my funeral so they can let me down one last time :sob:
I reserve my vexation for when I have to endure folk winning over a grand on a bullshit £20 deposit then having the temerity to post it in winning videos :mad:

Hahaha. In my book I love it when someone wins £1000 off a £20 deposit then posts the video. That's proper quality and deserves plaudits. Probably from a 90p spin on DOA innit.

I reserve my vexation for all those screenshots posted in the "screenshots that suck" thread of decent wins like 60xbet,100xbet even 500xbet ive seen. People complaining they "suck" because they didn't win 1000x bet or whatever. Seriously? GTFO.

To cheer this thread up I give to you this gif


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