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Sep 25, 2011
According to the accredited casino review of SlotsMillion, manual flushing is available. According to support it's only available on exception.

Since the withdrawal I requested (on 16-2-2018 11:42:15) is still pending, I contacted support to ask to manually flush my account. Support told me they can't do a manual flush.

"I requested a withdrawal on 16-2-2018 which is still pending. Can you please manually flush it so it will be processed and paid?"
Me .2018-02-19 09:13:49

"i can't do that no sorry (...)"
Faye .2018-02-19 09:14:27

"Ok, that's strange because I'm a member of Casinomeister forum and according to the review there withdrawals can be flushed at SlotsMillions"
Me .2018-02-19 09:17:38

"we can do it on exception if for some reason there has been an issue with the withdrawal, or if the funds have bounced back to us we will push them through faster, but there is no such issue here"
Faye .2018-02-19 09:19:12
"all withdrawals are processed in the order they come in so it's fair"
Faye .2018-02-19 09:19:25
Hello Kimmmmie,

There seem to be a misunderstanding in the conversation. Flushing a withdrawal implies the money will disappear from your account so you cannot cancel the withdrawal, but does not imply it will be immediately processed and paid. It seemed to me that the agent believed you were requesting to speed up the withdrawal, which we do sometimes when there are delays on a withdrawal request (waiting for document validation for days before we get the good ones for instance).

We have a feature called the withdrawal lock that allows you to set your withdrawal in a state where it cannot be cancelled. It remains visible in your Lobby so you can still follow its state. That is the equivalent of a flushing, except that the withdrawal doesn't completely disappear from the player's sight.

You can lock a withdrawal from your Lobby by selecting the "lock withdrawal" option next to your withdrawal request. The CS can also lock a withdrawal on your behalf if you ask for it.

I'll send your feedback to the CS manager to make sure there's no confusion about it in the future.


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