Slotsmillion going down hill!!


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Sep 7, 2014
Over the past 6 months slotsmillion has gone down the pan IMO. They used to be speedy with their withdrawals but now you literally have to beg for your money if it's a "large" amount. I've noticed everytime I withdraw upto £200 it's processed within 6-48 hours. But it's been 72 hours for my current withdrawal and it's still pending. Yesterday I was told it would be in my Skrill account by the end of the day.... It wasn't. And this morning I was told it could take another 5 days. It's just unacceptable from a casino that supposedly prides itself on "fast withdrawals within 1-2 business days max". I used to be a VIP at slotsmillion but stopped playing there as much when things started going wrong.

The website crashes everytime there's a free spins promotion as I assume their server can't handle everyone accessing the website in a short period of time. The customer service used to give detailed and helpful answers but now it seems they just give generic copy and paste answers.

I'm still waiting for my withdrawal to processed. Contacted live chat several times and they said they've contacted the finance department who said they are "finalising my withdrawal".... Which clearly doesn't mean anything if they say it will still take 5 days to reach my Skrill account.

I've noticed a lot of people saying withdrawals from slotsmillion now take forever. It seems like they have kept the same number of staff they had when they first started and now can't handle the amount of withdrawals :confused: I'll update when/if I finally receive my withdrawal.


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May 24, 2017
Hello @tiger590,

We would like to offer our sincere apologies, and appreciate you raising the point. We do make every attempt to avoid any of our players having to experience this situation.
As you are aware, here at SlotsMillion we have and will always aim to process withdrawals in the shortest amount of time and any kind of delays are unusual for us.
In your case the delay was caused by a system outage we experienced on the 5th of March. It was not intended, and we would really like to apologize for it.
We understand the situation may cause frustration and discontent and of course, we understand.

As you know, we are always willing to discuss the situation in order to find a happy medium while we resolve the situation and do the most we can do for our customer’s.
We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding. Rest assured we are constantly working on improvements of our services and integrating new deposit and withdrawal methods for our player’s, to make sure you get your funds as soon as possible.



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Nov 29, 2017
if only we as players had the right to request proof of wealth documents and so forth. would be interested how many casinos are barely scraping by in terms of cash flow


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Oct 10, 2012
if only we as players had the right to request proof of wealth documents and so forth. would be interested how many casinos are barely scraping by in terms of cash flow
I’ve never seen so many casinos close so quickly. The general industry abandonment of bonuses has a lot to do with it I think.

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