Resolved Slotsmillion Delaying Yet Again


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Jun 30, 1998
Another great accredited site. Trust CM's accreditation process: "Everyone passes, folks :)".
Great troll comment. The casinos are vetted by the membership in an open public forum. By the end of the BBF period it's put to a vote, any naysayers comments are looked into and hopefully resolved. The failure rate is low since the casinos are vetted by me and others before they go into the BBF stage. So your trollish comment that everyone makes it through is bullshit. In two years we have had one failure - Luck Nicki in 2018 - which could not seem to get its act together with their customer service. So to say that "everyone passes" you are dissing your fellow members here.

Do we have a list somewhere of casinos that have lost Accreditation? Could be useful too.

These are the casinos that lost accreditation in 2020:
Omni Casino
Paddy Power
Genting Bet
Mr Green

These are all now in the Grey Zone which has a catagory of ex-Accredited.

These all l lost their accreditation for lights on, nobody home - more or less. Most couldn't be bothered to have a rep in the forum.

@starluck - we take accreditation seriously. The ones that start screwing up affect the reputations of the ones who consistently do an outstanding job. I have no problem removing a casino from the Accredited Section if there are strong reasons to warrant this. I have run this site for over twenty years, and I have a history to back this up.