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Oct 22, 2017

Received an email last night from my VIP host, who claims SM have now discovered they sent a double-payment (6'th August, 2019) of $2,950. Other than the processing and payments below, I have not received an additional $2,950.

This has turned into the realm of fantasy-land. Because, there was no withdrawal or funds processed on the 6'th; no email confirmation from SM for the 6'th August.

Here's a break down of what's been processed on the 5'th August, and received as of the 6'th August, up until today, 14'th August, 2019.
  • Monday 5'th August, 2019 - AU$2,950 withdrawn and processed (confirmation email received)
  • Tuesday 6'th August, 2019 - AU$2,950 payment received in ANZ Bank.
  • Wednesday 7'th August, 2019 - AU$1,550 withdrawn and processed (confirmation email received)
  • Thursday 8'th August, 2019 - AU$1,100 withdrawn and processed (confirmation email received);
  • Monday 12'th August 2019 - AU$1,100 arrived in bank account.
Have still not received the AU$1,550, supposedly processed and sent Wednesday 7'th.

Yet, the $1,100 supposedly sent Thursday 8'th, arrived Monday 12'th.

Both VIP host and Olivier, have used the SM T&C's to state payments arrive in 3-5 working days.
But, the AU$1,550 has still not arrived, so SM are now in breach of their own T&C's.

For that 1'st week when they had their new processor
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(who states - EU cross-border wires, credited within 6.5 hours of sending), certainly made SM wire payments insanely fast, and the quickest I'd ever received. Yet, here we are less then 2 weeks later, and it's a complete shemozzle, again.

SM are struggling to even get dates correct, much less send, and for me to receive that AU$1,550 (being final payment owed). I don't know what's going on over there at Alea-Gaming/SM but something is definitely amiss.

What's next? Blame the processor again. That might have worked last time, but not with INPAY it wont.

Just pay me what you owe (AU$1,550) and lets stop with these games.

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