Slotsmillion 5k win exit game and not updated in balance (recorded video session)


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Hi guys... don't like to bitch much... especially against a trusted casino like Slotsmillion which i am thankful for still allowing us Aussies to play at.

I did a $200 deposit on 12/05/18 and jumped on a game I have never played at by Wazdan gaming called Magic Target and did $10 spins right off the bat (no bonus).

Was down to $22.50 and on my spin of $10 I hit a massive 5k win... All recorded in a video session (10000 50c coins)

After exiting game it shows a balance of $22.50 like the bet wasn't accepted... The whole session is recorded on video thankfully and I have sent it to Slotsmillion support who I hope will do the right thing and verify it but I am angry at because in the past 2 weeks this is the second time something dodgy like this has happened to me.

I had a $200 deposit at Emucasino where I jumped into a game Birds of thunder from Habanero gaming give an error after 4 free spins (unable to resume) on $7.50 a spin and am still waiting for their enquiry from the gaming provider 2 weeks later.

Like i said hopefully the do the right thing and admit it was an error on their end and fix it all up but if not please provide how i can upload the video (702mb)


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Sometimes reopening the game will bring back the balance.
Slotsmillion is a good casino.
Maybe you should contact charlotte on here.


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I have raised a support ticket with their support and uploaded my whole session video slip so hopefully it is all resolved.

a 500x win on a single spin is something that cannot be ignored esp on a $10 bet

I trust this casino very much and am thankful they still allow us Aussies to play at (which isn't RTG games) but it feels like something in their API fails to update their balance.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. I am still waiting to hear back from Emu casino from over 2 weeks ago where I hit a free spin round at $7.50 a spin on Birds of thunder from Habanero gaming and it gave an error after 4 free spins unable to resume the free spin session (this game provides 10 free spins plus extra spins if certain things land on the reels)

It may be an error with their provider and not slotsmillion themselves but hopefully after they review my video session they can see what happened.


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Threads are not usually deleted here. If it was resolved to your satisfaction, it would be good of you to post so.

I had a bonus game not finish playing out once, the casino was unable to obtain the final result from the provider, which seems odd, as I always understood the win amount was determined before we saw the "eye candy" of the free spins play out. But while I was not 100% happy, they did provide compensation in excess of what I had won so far and had screenshotted.

I've had others where the casino did obtain results from the provider.

If you have been completely shut down by them, or do not feel you were offered a fair settlement, you can say that you have doing a PAB.


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Hi everyone.

I only asked for it to be removed because Charlotte (rep on here) was being extremely helpful since Steviedoo suggested I contact her.

I also just heard back not long ago from her that Wazdan confirmed the win in the system and the fact that it wasn't received for some reason to Slotsmillion's platform so they will look into the reason and make sure it doesn't happen again in the future for any other players. I am just waiting to get an email from customer service who Charlotte has advised me has been given the green light to credit the win to my account so if I do not respond on here any further it means that everything has worked out correctly.

I was 99% sure that I had nothing to worry about since it is a fair and trusted casino and once that email comes through and the balance comes up in the account it will remove that 1% of doubt that came along when it occurred.