WARNING SlotsLV: lots of complaints with no help from them


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Jan 20, 2004
Over the past several months we've received a number of complaints against Slots.lv, mostly regarding non-payment, and have seen very few resolutions. We've attempted many times to raise player issues with the casino but unfortunately the casino simply refuses. Furthermore the casino seldom provides the players with any answers at all. Monies are confiscated with statements like "you cheated" and nothing more: no evidence, no appeal, nothing.

At the time of this writing Slots.lv provides no information on the site regarding their licensing. Historically they claimed to be licensed in Curacao and that may, or may not, still be the case. Either way it's bad news because there is no official and functional way for players to appeal the casino's actions against them. In other words if you have a complaint and they decide against you you're screwed, plain and simple.

WARNING: If you have problems with Slots.lv you have no legitimate path of appeal and the casino won't allow dispute arbitration. Players are advised to avoid this casino.
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