Slotser Casino - be aware of restrictive withdrawal limits


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Slotser casino have some highly restrictive withdrawal limits. From their terms and conditions

"There is a withdrawal limit of £2,000 (two thousand) over any 30 day period." it then follows "Note that the withdrawal limit on Skrill/Moneybookers or Neteller is GBP500 or EUR500 each calendar month."

Time limits given are 5-10 business days per withdrawal.

These limits are probably ok if you are a low roller. I am however a medium roller and have hit a substantial win (compared to these limits) on my slotser account. I am not using skrill/neteller so I am on £2000 per 30 days but still now faced with over a 4 month wait before I can receive my win. My account has some history in that I am verified and have made quite a few deposits there, I have also spoken to my VIP host on the phone and received things in the mail from them.

Slotser claim they can increase these limits at their discretion. I politely tried contacting my host, contacting normal support and contacting the rep on here in private asking if they could do this for me. I did not ask to receive my win all at once, I asked for a compromise of maybe £5000 a month instead of £2000. The decision is the same on all fronts - the limits will not be raised and I must wait 4 months to receive my win.

I must say that these limits are in the terms, and they were there when I signed up. I do believe however that they are not fit for purpose. They offer games like immortal romance where you can hit a 5 reel WD and they offer large betting limits on slots which blow these limits out of the water. There is definitely an argument that these terms are unfair on the consumer under UK law. I do not think any respectable casino has such restrictions on a players ability to withdraw money.

I do not think there is much I can do but wait 4 months for my money. I am making this thread to warn others of these limits. Please play somewhere where you can actually get paid out in a reasonable timeframe.

On another note I did some searching around on slotser and found they have an ASA ruling against them here in the UK. They were judged to have been targeting children via their advertising and were ordered to stop. Not exactly great ethics.

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If you need real casino without funny low cashaut limit then change this place to some other casino - If you dont have problem with this low cashaut limit and you are very patient person then just continue play with them.

Good you warning other players abaout this low cashauts limits in this place - Now you shoud stop play with them / withdrawal your balance and forgot abaout this place - this cashaut limit is to low.


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I've hit this scenario a few times when I have been testing out casinos. Some will raise the limits if they see your value while some won't. The way I handle it in cases like this is to ask the casino to suspend my account until all the winnings have been processed and I play somewhere else in the meantime.

Whether I go back and play at the original casino depends largely on how they react to that. Some find a compromise and raise the cash-out limits, some hold firm. Obviously I won't go back if they hold firm but a sign that a casino is prepared to treat a player individually is often a good sign IMO.

On one occasion, I was going through this scenario and received an email saying they would up my limits (a bit!) with the following line:

"... we will like to have you on board as we can see your potential".

How that read to me was "..because you're going to lose a shitload of money" :rolleyes:


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Casinos with this low limits for paying obviously don't want to pay, or simply can't.
I would never play in such a place or recommend it to anyone else.

Thanks for the warning fun4all!


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I have also just discovered the following.

Slotser charge a dormancy fee of FIFTY PERCENT of your entire balance. This is on top of only letting you withdraw £500 per month on webwallets or £2000 per month on debit cards. This is listed in their terms and conditions also. You have to question a site which will not let you withdraw your money apart from fractions per month but charges you 50% of the balance if you do not play.

Really bad, I consider slotser a terrible casino to deposit at.