Slotsangel ?


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Anyone know if they legit, got this e-mail which is tempting...

Firstly, we’ll treble your first deposit, so deposit £10, we’ll give you £30 and you’ll have £40 to play with! Then the icing on the cake is that you will then qualify for 100 free spins on the fantastic Las Cucas Locas.

But so many new casinos always makes me wary nowadays :confused:


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Anyone know if they legit, got this e-mail which is tempting...

But so many new casinos always makes me wary nowadays :confused:
Its casava enterprises and slow payments just neteller is 4-5 days which is VERY SLOW.

So yeah not the best really. I did sign up with the affiliate program behind this brand and couple others like Secretslots etc. They give many free spins there for free, But I am yet to have them checked out proper and go through terms etc. But in terms of its Casave enterprises and slow withdrawals is never good. Couple days to neteller is okay but 4-5 days not.


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The belong to the Cassava group.

I would simply avoid them.

I think you need to be extra vigilant when reading the T&Cs should you ignore this advice.

They have a huge number of skins, and I think if you have ever joined any of them and taken a bonus you can't take another SUB.

And seriously, if you are not going to take a bonus, why play anywhere other than some of the upstanding casinos on the accredited list that you are already verified at?


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I have never had a problem at the cassava/dragonfish sites but I know some others have.
And I have took the SUB at most of them.
Had some nice wins from them due to the WMS slots they have.
Only 30 X bonus WR too.
The free spin Slots are crappy slots and best using your balance first before playing free spins as those have a higher WR.
I use Visa to deposit and withdrawal usually takes 4 to 5 days to go back on it, which im not too bothered how long Visa withdrawals take from any casino ( I am bothered about e wallets as thats what i mainly use for gaming )
Just be careful though and dont sign up to all thier sites quickly as you may get problems with them.
I usually sign up to one every couple of months.
I repeat though, I have never had problems but others have


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Same as Jd Not had no problems, Used many of sign ups ,Been playing on some of there bingo sites for years,

I did have a withdraw the other day from slotscrazy, 8 days to hit my account :eek: Thats just plain wrong,

There is a few on here that cannot stand them, Also a few have been banned due to bonus signups etc,