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Feb 24, 2004
Ok I need to vent, don't know if this is the right place, so please move if it is not.

Was just moving around some of the sites & swung past the ezboard forum of Playin4Keeps.

One of their Mods has psoted this really huge spill about how good SlotsAlley is and what a great casino they are.

Another person posted a link to your site Mr Casinomeister, the one about SlotsAlley being a rogue or at least not on th up & up.

Well this Mod turns around and says that you and other spread gossip.

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

What the guts of this is about, is that I'm about sick & tired of reading this garbage from people on these forums, they do more damage to the casino industry that just about anyone. And to then turn around and rubbish the like of you Casinomeister is BS.

I don't see them putting their real name up on their forum, instead hiding behind some BS nick. It's about time these forums, just like these rogue casino's were show up & made to be accountable for their actions.

Nuff said!
Hi YaddaBlahBlib

and welcome to the forum.

There has always been a tendancy for ez forum operators/admins/whatever to promote some of the worst casinos out there. They do it because they get paid to do it. And there are so many good casinos out there, it just blows me away when I see some webmaster promote a casino that is obviously a front.

And as for gossip? Well, I dunno 'bout that.

Do a search in the forum, and up pops this:

And then there is the rogue section:

Read it and decide whether this is gossip. Don't forget -- I simply do my investigations and report on the findings. Simple as 'dat. I know a lot of people in the industry, and they know me. Besides the CEO of the ripped off company confirmed with me that this happened. The only thing gossipy is the implication that Nati may be a cross dresser, but I honestly don't think so. Really Nati, I don't :D

Anyone who is promoting these casinos is an accomplice to their deception, and what comes around goes around.
Your 100% right Mr CasinoMeister.

The lame ass comments & excuses to come out the mouths of the Mods & Admins at P4K, is comical. Not only do these people type with their fingers I think they also think with them too.

Sorry man I'm on a roll here.

If their brains were gasoline they wouldn't have enough to power an ants go car, once around the inside of a bottle cap.

Took a look at your suggested reading & to me it all seems spot on, no gossip here Mr CasinoMeister, your straight shootin with a smokin gun, not shooting the breeze at all.

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I sent an email to slotAlley by stating the following:


You state in your website the following:

Purchase any amount and we'll give you an extra 300% FREE!
That's 300% on any amount you buy, the only limit is what you can afford.

I'm a rather rich person and a serious gambler too and therefore i would
like to deposit 500,000$.Can I do so?

Their reply:

Although we did not expect such a request, the casino will honor all
statements. This is provided that you will perform all formal procedures and
testimonies necessary in this case and provide your identity, and that the
source of your funds is legitimate . Since we never had such a request
before, I cannot say what will be the exact procedure, should you wish to
proceed we will try and devise some method of accepting this a payment.

I have to note here that the minimum wagering requirements will be very
substantial in this case (40,000,000) and it will take a very long time to
complete it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

**** - Slots Alley Casino

My reply was If am allowed to play BJ as I am not willing to spend money at slots.I never got a responce.

Seems that this casino is able to keep up with any amount.I credit them for that.
I believe though that they are dodgy after hearing meister and I won't patronize them.Thanks meister.

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