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Discussion in 'Ask the Meister' started by unbelievable, Apr 21, 2003.

    Apr 21, 2003
  1. unbelievable

    unbelievable Dormant account

    Would you ever consider it normal or acceptable if betting $3 slots in the amount of $1,500 that it would only line up once during one continuous session and then only for the lowest payout of $75? This was playing at Casino-on-Net. Can count on one hand how many times I've been "up". The rest of the time just trying to break even, which of course doesn't happen. Thanks.
  2. Apr 21, 2003
  3. mrracetrack

    mrracetrack Dormant account

    North of Pluto

    Not only "believable", but probably happens to a lot of people who play slots.

    Yes, it is very frustrating to see nothing spin after spin, but on occasion, you will also have an "almost unbelievable" run of "good luck".

    Overall, you can expect to lose "all" your money playing slots.
  4. Apr 21, 2003
  5. Antonia1953

    Antonia1953 Senior Member

    Forensic Accountant (Private)
    The Sonora
    I have lost lots on slots, but I have also been very fortunate. In 1999, I won $38,000.00 from English Harbour's Cash Splash. I was paid $5,000.00 a week until I was paid in full. Of course, I haven't won anything since from microgamming software, which is somewhat disturbing. Consequently, I avoid playing at any casinos that use their software now.
  6. Apr 21, 2003
  7. unbelievable

    unbelievable Dormant account

    Thanks for the responses. I have a hard time believing CON's games are random. Can they program the software to pay or not pay on a given day just as Vegas sets certain machines to pay out? I also question RNG's after watching a TV program where this guy in Vegas was arrested for fixing machines so he could win. He worked for a company where he had access to do so. They were discussing RNG's or the lack thereof. Anyone see the same show? Anyway, after losing the 1st $10,000 on slots, CON reps kept telling me I should try a better odds game such as BJ so I did. Lost another $9,700 in one session with the house having more BJ's, 21's and 20's than I've ever seen. Percentages were way off the charts. Then I was told maybe I should stick with slots, although they stated their was nothing unusual about the BJ play. So here we are ... $50,000 later. A couple of times where I should have cashed out but didn't. Those times have been very few.
  8. May 3, 2003
  9. sirius

    sirius Senior Member

    Did you get a reply from CON? I was the one who emailed you before about it and suggested you ask them for something back.
  10. May 7, 2003
  11. hip_hop

    hip_hop Dormant account

    Maybe you need to take up a new hobby? Oil paints can be expensive but $50000 can sure buy alot of paints and brushes.

    Seriously though, losing $50000 at an online casino? You might just have a problem. Unless you are worth many millions of dollars, 50K is more than just some casual fun when you have some spare time.

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