Slots Plus Casino, Kudos!


Nov 30, 2008
New York, United States

I deposited $25 at Slots Plus on Friday and played up until now and am going to cash out at $1,000. I didn't take a bonus, either. :)

I cannot tell you how many 'Winner screen shot' worthy moments I had! :thumbsup: (Just have to practice how to post these shots)

Great experience and many thanks to Slots Plus! :notworthy

I have been very lucky this month. I bought snow tires for my work van. Caught up on some bills and now this money will make up for the days that fall on a holiday ( Christmas Day and New Years day) as I am not paid for days not worked as I am self-employed.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! :cool:

I kept thinking that when I was up to $400 I should cash out, then a big hit happened..then at $600, I should cash out..then another big hit.

Not going to push it any further. I am happy!:)

Slots Plus!! Thanks!!!

(Ok, I know, I know...but I am happy and very grateful :p )

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