SLOTS OF VEGAS stole part of my winnings 1260$!


Dormant account
Jan 11, 2007
I made several deposits to this casino, played BJ and cashouted 2660$ winnings. I sended required files and started to wait cashout. I took about month when i got money from them but amount was 1400$? I asked reason from their support but they said that cause im from Finland im not eligble to over 100% deposit bonuses so manager had returned my deposits. I had been contacted to their support couple times when i made my cashout and didnt got information about this. I know why i didnt get information cause there wasnt any rules like this! I had readen these terms before i made my deposits and Finland wasnt on that list.

So i contacted to their manager two times and got these replyes:

"Those rules have been on our web site since 2004. That is a fact. I have refunded every deposit you have ever made with us on the 6th of last month. That was sent to your Neteller account. There is nothing else that I can do for you. I am sorry."

Prism Manager

(After this i sended him screenshot of their casinorules, and got this answer:)

"Those screen shots have been modified and you know it. Those rules have been on the web site for over a year. All of your deposits have been refunded. This issue is closed."

Prism Manager

So as you see manager ingnored me and called me a cheater. Funny thing coming now cause the casinorules are still same as those were when i made my deposits! So could you please open this link and read chapter 6. of their casino rules. Finland is not on that list! They havent even bothered to change these these terms to their website just saying we have had these rules from 2004. Thats cheating i think.

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Could you please read chapter 6. and write to this forum that im right, chapter 6. looks like this:

Restriction of use: As of October 2, 2004, due to ongoing promotional abuse by players coming from certain countries, players from the following countries are only eligible to play in the casino, with no bonus over 100%. You must fulfill 30 times play through requirements on Blackjack and Video Poker and 20 times on all other games (deposit amt. plus bonus received) before withdrawal requests. All Bonuses over 30% are 10 times the deposit as maximum cash out.Bonuses are fully non-cashable. If you do redeem a bonus that does not conform to this rule, all winnings from that deposit will be null and void, and your deposit will be returned. The casino will not be monitoring non winning deposits. The countries that are affected are: Australia, Denmark, and Israel.

Am i a liar or manager? = MANAGER
Could you also give me advice how i get my money? Thanks

Manager is lying.
Even now, Finland is not mentioned, AND, a further addendum was added a year later:-

As of September 16th, 2005 players from Italy are not allowed to cash-out from free chip winnings. All use of free chips by players in Italy will be for entertainment purposes only.
"Informiamo che dal 16 di Settembre 2005 i goicatori in Italia, non potranno ritirare vincite fatte usando Free Chips. L'uso di Free Chips, sara' solamente per divertimento e non avranno valore alcuno."

This now covers Italy, but still not Finland.

There are some REALLY evil terms that allow a 10x cashout to be applied to deposits without a bonus under a wide range of circumstances related to the lifetime of the account.

This looks like a case of the manager making the rules up as he goes along when faced with paying a player who has won overall. The term even states that losing deposits are not monitored.

This looks like no player will ever be alowed to end with an overall lifetime win, as when a cashout achieves this, the casino will pull some regulation out of the hat and simply ensure the player has a break even lifetime position. Losing players will be paid without problem provided they continue with an overall negative lifetime position.

Given the past reputation of the Prism group, this is to be expected.
Worth a PAB

Definitely worth a PAB if Bryan is willing to take this on. The manager even states "Those rules have been on our web site since 2004. That is a fact."
Clearly the manager has not even bothered to check the "facts" for himself, as far from being on the site since 2004, they have not even been there since Sept 2005 when the additional rule for Italy was added.
It does not take over 2 years to update a rule from when it is decided, so it looks like it is a case of "sorry, we meant Finland now we see how good you Fins are". If casinos are going to have country specific rules they should at least know a bit about geography.

I was surprised to actually find that the casino had not quickly slipped Finland into the rules before I had a chance to check & back up this player's claim.

There is something called the "wayback machine", that has a selection of archive webpages along with the month & year of the sample. It is hard to use as it is incredibly slow, but will bust many of these dodgy operator claims down to month level, such as the accusation that the player simply doctored the terms themselves to make out they are right.

The manager even levells this accusation in this case ""Those screen shots have been modified and you know it. Those rules have been on the web site for over a year. All of your deposits have been refunded. This issue is closed."

This is enough for the rogue pit to be opened for him, as this is clearly a lie as this player would seem to have not only modified the screenshot, but hacked the casino server to modify the rules these too:rolleyes:

While this manager may well see the error of his ways and pay up (or give a proper reason for non payment that is actually true), the fact this stunt was tried in the first place speaks volumes (as far as the casino is concerned, the majority of players do not fight back on this type of forum). Confusion with danes is rubbish, as the accusation of modification was made for a screenshot showing Danes as being excluded, the implication was that the player edited out Finland from the screenshot to prove the case.
Thanks for your replyes and advice.

I sended email to SlotsofVegas manager again cause i want give him to change to fix this situation before i make PAB and i will definetly do that cause obvious i am right on this case. Personally i understand that casinos have these kind of rules and also possibility to change those if its better to their business. But they cant say that im under the new rules which they are actually created after i have made deposits to their casino. And not calling me a liar saying that i have modified screenshots of these rules which have been there from year 2004?

I'll keep you posted if manager will contact me.
Yes, casino manager just ingnored me and didnt answered to my emails. I am dissapointed and made Casinomeister complait.

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