Slots of Vegas just takes your money


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Jul 3, 2002
Arizona City, Az
I wont even PIB since I was stupid to play here in the first place.

I deposited $25 by instadebit. It said it was sucessfull. THe money did not show up in the casino account. The live chat said it was declined.
Well today it showed up out of my bank. They are refusing to give me the money I deposited ! When I talked to live chat they terminated me.
What a bunch of crooks!!! I complained to instadebit and they told me there was no way to track that the money went there! Come on!

I had this happen once with an instadebit deposit at a reputable place and that casino manually credited it.

Oh Dear

It's not just Neteller then. I have seen a similar complaint about Click2Pay.
The lengths that casinos have to go to in order for US banks to not realise these are gambling transactions makes it hard for the bank to track down the money. It is just possible that the rogues have caught on to this, and will take advantage if they can. $25 is not much, but if they pocket a load of these it all adds up. If you persist, they will probably find the money, but if you simply give up I bet they will treat it as a complimentary bonus from you!

They now have it im my transaction history as denied and it wasnt before.

Geezeee,,,, I always get the same person live chat. When I told him it came out of mybank his reponse was oh, you can make another deposit now!
Come one! I want my money that I deposited. Arggg I feel like someone stole money from my wallet. Makes me angry. I havnt given up, but I havnt got anywhere either. I know darn well he can check that that money went though because the same thing happened at anoter place, they checked it,
and credited my acount in 5 minuits. Either they are real stupid or they are
just sitting there laughing saying lets see how much longer she tries to get her 25 bucks.

Hey Ama, you haven't had much luck lately, have you? I'm not even gonna ask you why you'd deposit at a Prism clone....zipping it, lol. Anyway, try PM'ing the manager.

Good luck, and if you do get your money back, stick with the good ones. :)

I do. I spend most of my money at club world.

I had tried 10 bucks at this place once and went far with it , hadnt played liek that on so little money in such a long time I decided to put in another 25.

I know, Ihave a big L on my forehead today,lol

I will be surprised if you get an answer from the Manager. I tried that more than a year ago but didnt get the courtesy of a single reply.
$25 is not much
I don't think it's the amount, it's the thought that you were taken. I also had an issue with money deposited and not credited (thank goodness it was one of the good casinos) but when it happened to me, the reaction was the same. I couldn't help it (the reaction). It was like tossing money into the fireplace and it going "poof" Truly a lousy feeling.

I just had the same glitch happen again at a more reputable place. here is the live chat and the way it should happen!

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Chris'. How can I help you?
amatrine: Hi there, I just made an instadebit deposit, and it did not credit to the casino account
Chris: Okay.
Chris: One moment.
Chris: It is in your account now.
Chris: Is there anything else I can help you with?
amatrine: ok thanks, no thats all

Come on Slots of Vegas! Why cant you get it together .


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