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Jun 19, 2008
It's disappointing that I'm writing about this (in a negative light anyway) because from what I've read on the forums, the group is held in very high regard, along with their rep. It was this reason that led me to sign up.

I signed up at some point yesterday evening. Games downloaded quick, very impressive all round. Until I hit the spin button. You know how it goes sometimes. The reels just go round and round and round, but normally eventually drop in. But no. I waited a good five minutes. The bet had been taken, so their were no issues there, and I had to manually crash the casino and restart it. Fair enough I thought, we'll try again. So I chose a different game, that likewise downloaded instantly, and what happened....exactly the same thing. Interestingly, the 45 line slots worked :what: but I didn't want to play those. So I restarted for a third time, only on this instance trying to download a game didn't work, and entering one that was already installed just resulted in the 'loading' screen and nothing more.

I checked my net connection, not thinking there could be an issue as I have a 20mb line. Couldn't be the pc, as it's a quad core and nothing slows it down :) so I contacted live support. They were very helpful, and apologised saying it was a problem their end and it was being worked on. I was quite happy to accept that, as so many times I've been told by other casinos that the problem is occuring my end, so the fact they own up when the problem is due to them is admirable. So I willingly stopped playing.

When I spoke to support again around 12am, they said the problem was all fixed. So I could finally play. And with no problems at all. I had another 20min session this morning, and that was good too. Yet tonight as I speak, it's come back to haunt me. As fun as waiting an age for the reels to fall in should you get two scatters in the first two lines (obviously to make you eager in the hope that a third will pop in, knowing that it probably won't!) may be, I'd opted for the turbo spin just out of frustration. I like playing slots, I don't really like the turbo spin function as it takes the fun away - at least when it's working. But the sheer annoyance at MG casinos, especially the tournaments which you'd paid for and then could never play because of the same problem was what led me to consider changing.

Support tells me tonight that they are experiencing the same issues again. Now I don't want to criticise them, I understand that problems may occur and all I can do is wait, but if this is going to be a frequent issue then I might just lose patience. Two bad days out of two isn't a good start as far as I'm concerned. I'm quite prepared to hold off and see if this just turns out to be something that can be solved, but after the MG saga I'm really hoping it's not going to be another ongoing problem.

Has anyone else been experiencing this lately?


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Oct 23, 2008
Right here
Hi KMAY87,

Thanks for the PM and I sincerely apologize for the problems you are having in playing. The same goes to anyone else that may be experiencing the same thing.

This is a known problem that seemed to be resolved early this morning, however, a few players have reported the same thing happening today so we are in contact with our tech team and they are working on getting this resolved asap.

Please let me know your casino username so that I can pass it on as an example to our tech team.

Apologies again and I hope that we can make it up to you in the future :)


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