Slots million - low wagering withdrawal will be denied


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Sep 9, 2017
Hi guys new to the forum but been viewing for a while.

I've had a really odd experience with slots million and I'm wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction.

I joined slots million a couple of days ago and I've been initially impressed I got verified and my first withdrawal sent within 24 hours. Now here comes the strange part I played last night depositing £30 which I lost and then later on I deposited £500.

I played for a couple of hours and had some good hits on gonzo which brought me up to around 1300. I decided to withdraw approx £700 and unfortunately went on to lose the remaining winnings I had.

This morning I got a strange mail explaining my withdrawal is cancelled due to low wagering. It said the following:

We’ve noticed that you have made a withdrawal request without playing enough.

According to our Terms and Conditions (point 3.2.7), you need to wager at least twice your deposit amount. So please cancel your withdrawal and play at least 19605£ more

I've looked up point 3.27 and it states 'as required by our licensing regulation any real money deposit is subject to wagering at least twice before it can be withdrawn'

I wagered more than £1000 from my deposit so I'm not sure what the problem is or where the figure 19650£ is coming from. I have emailed them back saying there must be some sort of mistake but haven't received a response yet. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any suggestions at what I can do?


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Sep 9, 2017

Had a a few emails back and forth with slotsmillion regarding the above situation. First off they made a mistake with how much I need to wager in order to withdraw it's £196.50 and not £19605 stated in the original mail they sent which they have apologised for.

My argument with them is that I have wagered over double the deposit. However this is what I think has happened and I've tried asking them to confirm but haven't had a proper response. I was at a stage where I had £1300 at this point I decided to withdraw £700 but I wasn't aware I had only wagered £803.50 (196.50 short of double deposit). I went on to lose my remaining balance.

So it looks like any winnings after the withdrawal don't count towards the double wagering requirement. In other words I should have kept playing with my £1300 until I had hit the double deposit wagering requirement. Does this seem madness to anyone or am I being really dumb? Never had any problems like this before in other online casinos or felt like it's something I've had to watch out for.

To make things even more annoying, after my loss on the winnings I took a 2 week cool off period on the site so I can't even access my account to play through the £196.50 and then withdraw. The last mail I received is that they will review with the finance department again however they don't work weekends.


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Apr 18, 2009
You normally have to play through your deposit one time, but some places ask you to wager it up to five times if it's your first deposit. So the rule exist and is common and something they need to have against money laundering.

Odd that what you played after didn't count. It should at least have when you questioned it after.

If I understand correct then you still have those 700 in there? I'm sure they will do the right thing and cash it out for you.
You can send one of the reps in here a private message and ask them to look into it for you. I don't think they work weekends either though.

Here is one of them:
There are a few others under the tab for i-gaming Reps, but just choose one of them.


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Sep 9, 2017
Hey Tirilej,

This was my 3rd deposit with them in total and I had a previous withdrawal with no issues.

Yeah I totally get the anti money laundering thing but I think there should have been some sort of predefined warning when I went to withdraw saying something along the lines of 'withdrawal denied you have not matched double deposit wagering by xxxxx amount'

Yes I believe the £700 has been reversed in my account but can't view as I'm on a cool off period. Thanks for the info I'll see what I get emailed back and try the rep if I don't get a satisfactory response.


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Jan 17, 2006
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Hi Stuart,

Sorry for the late answer.
I've seen your case is solved.
I won't go to much into details here, I'll provide them to you by PM.
Basically the team acted properly when they didn't validate your withdrawal because wagering requirements weren't reached.
When you asked them why, they provided you with the wrong information when they wrote you in an email that you had to wager £19605 instead of £196.5.
They corrected that mistake by sending you the proper information by email 1 hour later.
Then you continued playing and you met the wagering requirements but our system doesn't update a past withdrawal request with bets made after.
Your feedback did raised some eyebrows in our product department and I understood that they are having a discussion about how to avoid this happening in the future.
Please contact the support when your cool off period ends.
They will give you a reward bonus for raising this issue.
I hope this answers your question.



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Jan 30, 2017
How the hell can it be 'anti-money laundering', if it is going back to the same bank account from whence it came?

I think it is a ridiculous rule, which only serves to give the casino another edge.

All of this KYC, anti-moneylaundering nonsense stems back to the September 11th event, and I think that most of us are clued up enough to realise that those really responsible for that event seem to have carte-blanche to anything they bloody well like, including laundering money, trafficking drugs and sponsoring terror.