Slots masters...recommend me some slots to play...


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Nov 18, 2006
So I got bored and tried some slots with my own money @ DaVinci's (Rival)....tried the bank heist game which was crap...i got the key, broke the vault open before the police came, all within 8 minutes, and all i get is a measly 550 coins? i spin some more and end up in jail and get 2 free spins at 5x each.. booohoo what a waste of time.....quit the game and started to play dogpound and so 80' tons of free spins but couldnt hit any decent bankroll was at 50% and i was about to give up, so i thought what the heck, might as well lose BIG than die slowly playing slots @ .75/spin..went and bet half my bankroll @ WAR and played some 3 card poker @ $10...did that for a total of 3 times each time to get back to $200 and continued playing'ed 500 spins, came back and my balance hit $350...surprisingly my WR was complete too so i cashed out for a $250 profit :oops:...

i expected to lose everything, but i came out with something and now im hooked! gonna throw that $250 on even more slot games :D....any recommendations for which slot games to play? 3-reel, 5-reel, progressive? im looking for the best bang for the far I have played:

DaVinci's (Rival) - Dog Pound, So 80's
Lasseter's - played Super Nova, what else is good?

MGV - never played here, what's good? is Thunderstruck good?
RTG - never played here, what's good?
Playtech - never played here, what's good?
Hype - never played here, what's good?
Here are the games that I like to play, anyway (for what that is worth)


Loaded - Just plain fun and you can get some big wins
ISIS - Have to have a bankroll, but the wins are good when you get them
Thunderstruck - Of course
Mega Moolah - I just like this one, maybe because it's new :)
Harvey's - Another good one, but sometimes need a good bankroll.


Achilles - My favorite, but some people don't have luck here
Ronin - I always need a bankroll to play, but end up winning more than I spend
Penguin Power - Always fun, but sometimes stingy
Prince of Sherwood - Am I the only one that still likes this one? Anyway - it's fun at times.


Treasure Hunter - My favorite slot overall. I like the wins on this one, but the past few times it has been a bit more stingy to me
White Wizard - This one is now becoming my favorite there (but I still like TH a little better). Can get some really good wins here.
Shamans Dream - Great game, but streaky
Mermaid's Magic - I love this one, but only for the Free spins :)


Haven't played there in so long that I really don't know :(

Hope that helps!

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